Jacek Dmochowski

Assistant Professor

Main Affiliation

Biomedical Engineering


Steinman Hall





Jacek Dmochowski

Jacek Dmochowski


Ph.D., Telecommunications, 2008 (Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada)
M. A. Sc., Electrical Engineering, 2005 (Carleton University, Canada)


08/2015 - Current: City College of New York - Assistant Professor (Biomedical Engineering)
06/2013 - 07/2015: Stanford University - Research Associate (Psychology)
09/2008 - 05/2013: City College of New York - Post-Doctoral Fellow (Biomedical Engineering)

Research Interests

My research develops novel techniques for (i) non-invasively stimulating the brain and (ii) decoding neural signals. We are testing the transcranial application of ultrasound and near-infrared lasers to restore or enhance physiological activity in the central nervous system. Our efforts in neural decoding adopt a machine learning approach to infer brain states from neuroimaging data collected in naturalistic settings. We make extensive use of biophysical modeling of the human head as well as multivariate statistical techniques to optimize interventions and increase the sensitivity of our decoding methods. The research is expected to translate to new treatments for psychiatric and neurological disorders.

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Selected Publications:


Dmochowski, J. P., Datta, A., Bikson, M., Su, Y., & Parra, L. C. (2011). Optimized multi-electrode stimulation increases focality and intensity at target. Journal of neural engineering8(4), 046011.

Dmochowski, J. P., Sajda, P., Dias, J., & Parra, L. C. (2012). Correlated components of ongoing EEG point to emotionally laden attention–a possible marker of engagement?. Frontiers in human neuroscience6, 112.

Dmochowski, J. P., Bezdek, M. A., Abelson, B. P., Johnson, J. S., Schumacher, E. H., & Parra, L. C. (2014). Audience preferences are predicted by temporal reliability of neural processing. Nature communications5.


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