The Department of Biomedical Engineering at the City College of New York is an integral part of the thriving life science community in New York City. We are the only public biomedical engineering program in New York City and our department is the primary engineering partner in the New York Center for Biomedical Engineering (NYCBE), a unique consortium of the city leaders medical research centers. As a recognized leader in scientific excellence, state-of-the-art research facilities, and partnerships with the premier health care and medical research institution of New York City, internationally recognized faculty members conduct both basic medical research and transitional biotechnology development. 

One of the most diverse engineering departments in the nation, City’s biomedical engineering students have the opportunity to pursue degrees that range from Bachelor of Engineering, Masters of Science, PhD in Biomedical Engineering and a Masters in Translational Medicine. According to National Research Council rankings, our doctoral program in biomedical engineering is one of the nation’s best, tied with Johns Hopkins and the University of Pennsylvania! 


Department Strategic Plan: https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/bme/bmestrategicplan


Learn more about the history of BME at CCNY and our research department here! 


Why BME at CCNY 

  • Low cost and affordable graduate education 
  • Centrally located to top research hospitals
  • Diverse academic community with world class faculty
  • Strong commitment to clinical research excellence



 A full list of upcoming events and seminars can be found here. 

BME Fast Facts


Doctoral Program in BME #1 in Diversity for all BME PhD programs in the US

National Research Council Rankings (2011)

$5.6 million

Department Grant Funding


Average citations per BME faculty (12 dedicated research-active faculty members)


Degree Programs (B.E., M.S., Ph.D. in BME and M.S. in Translational Medicine)

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BME Department Enrollment Information


BME B.E. Undergraduate Students


BME M.S. Graduate Students


MTM M.S. Graduate Students


BME Ph.D. Graduate Students

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To visit Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) website go to https://linktr.ee/ccny_bmes


CCNY BME Alumni Mixer organized by BMES

It would be fantastic to have you join us. This social event aims to facilitate reconnections among alumni, current students, and faculty. 

 Date and Time: April 11th at 6 PM

Location: Steinman C51

RSVP required for all: https://forms.gle/6kNP8vKcrqbiWEeA9 


Mitchell Schaffler, PhD - Chair
Steinman Hall Room 564
160 Convent Avenue New York, NY 10031
p: 212.650.5070
f: 212.650.6727
e: mschaffler@ccny.cuny.edu

Ms Patricia Cupid
Steinman Hall Room 401
Department Administrative Specialist
p: 212.650.6707
f: 212.650.6727
e: pcupid@ccny.cuny.edu