Jon C. Horvitz


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Jon C. Horvitz


We are examining how reward experiences shape the activity of the basal ganglia, and how the basal ganglia helps us to choose our next action.


BA: Haverford College, Neuropsychology

Ph.D. : University of California, Santa Barbara, Psychology.

Post doc:  Princeton University Program in Neurosciences

Courses Taught

Brain, Mind, Experience, PSY254

Advanced Topics in the Neurochemistry of Learning, PSY31114


Recent publications:

Dobrovitsky, V., West, M.O. and Horvitz, J.C.  The role of the nucleus accumbens in learned approach behavior diminishes with training, European Journal of Neuroscience, in press, 00:1-13, 2019

Vega-Villar, M., Horvitz, J.C., Nicola, S.M.,  NMDA receptor-dependent plasticity in the nucleus accumbens connects reward-predictive cues to approach responses, Nature Communications, 10, 4429-44, 2019 

Crossley, M. J., Horvitz, J. C., Balsam, P. D., & Ashby, F. G. . Expanding the role of striatal cholinergic interneurons and the midbrain dopamine system in appetitive instrumental conditioning. J Neurophysiol, 115(1), 240-54, 2016 


Review articles on the theoretical issues that interest Jon Horvitz, his students, and colleagues

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