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Kevin Foster

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Kevin Foster

Acting Dean
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R 5/103A
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Kevin R. Foster is the Department Chair of Economics and Business at The City College of New York. His research has been concentrated in four main areas: assessing the relevance of Japanese monetary and fiscal policies to American experiences in the Financial Crisis; nonparametric methods for option pricing; examining asset returns for evidence of predictability particularly contrarian or momentum returns; and environmental entrepreneurship. The finance research in a number of different topics has had the unifying theme of applied econometrics, using leading-edge econometric procedures to examine questions relevant to policy and practice. With faculty in economics, and earth sciences, he led an interdisciplinary research team in environmental entrepreneurship, which has received over three-quarters of a million dollars in funding. In 2010 Foster was visiting faculty at the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. He has served as an advisor to start-ups and private equity investment companies. Dr. Foster came to City College after receiving a Ph.D. from Yale University in 1998. He was an undergraduate at Bard College, NY.

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B.A., Bard College; M.A., Yale Univ., Ph.D.

Courses Taught

Economics B0000, Microeconomics (MA)

Greenproofing, a project in Environmental Entrepreneurship, with Jon Jelen (Econ), Federica Raia (Earth and Atmospheric Science), Reggie Blake (CityTech Civil Engineering), and Meg Wiley (Civil Engineering).

Economics B 9526 Economics of Environment and Natural Resources (MA).

Economics 290 Principles of Statistics.


Several of the following articles are available on Dr. Foster's website.

Refereed Articles Nusret Cakici and Kevin R Foster, "Implied Binomial Trees from the Historical Distribution," Risk, 15(8). (50%)

Nusret Cakici and Kevin R Foster, "Currency Option Smiles Constructed from Risk-Neutralized At-the-Money-Consistent Historical Distributions," Journal of Computational Finance, 6(1). (50%)

Kevin R Foster, "Downsizing: An Examination of the Consequences of Mass Layoffs" The Journal of Private Enterprise, 17(2), Spring 2002, 109-30.

Proceedings-Abstracts Adriana Espinosa, Kevin R Foster, and Jay Jorgenson, "Implied Parameters for the Hyperbolic Distribution," Proceedings of the 2002 Conference of the Entrepreneurial Finance Association. (33%) Book Chapters Invited contribution of eight entries to the Encyclopedia of Capitalism, ed. Syed B. Hussain, Golson Books, in press. Entries: George Akerlof, American Electric Power Company, AXA, Irving Fisher, Sir Roy Harrod, Gunnar Myrdal, Okun’s Law, James Tobin. Papers Under Review "Value at Risk for Interest Rate-Dependent Securities: A Nonparametric Two-Dimensional Kernel Approach," with Nusret Cakici, manuscript, The City College of New York. Paper under review. “Using the Historical Distribution to Construct Implied Trees,” with Nusret Cakici, manuscript, The City College of New York. Paper under Review. "Nonparametric Kernel Estimators of Stochastic Volatility and Higher Moments for Stock Option Pricing," with Nusret Cakici, manuscript, The City College of New York. Paper under review. "Nonparametric Kernel Estimation and the Pricing of Interest Rate Derivatives," with Nusret Cakici, manuscript, The City College of New York. Paper under review. "Risk-Neutralized At-the-Money-Consistent Historical Distributions in Option Pricing," with Nusret Cakici, manuscript, City College of New York. Paper under review.

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