Leslie Isaacs

Professor Emeritus

Main Affiliation

Chemical Engineering


(212) 650-7146


(212) 650-6660

Leslie Isaacs


1974 - pres Assoc/Professor of Chemical Engineering, CCNY/CUNY Graduate Center

1988 -1995 Assistant/Associate Dean School of Engineering, CCNY

1972‑1974 Visiting Faculty, Department of Chemistry Univ. of Washington (Seattle)

1971‑1972 Adjunct Assoc. Prof, Depts. of Chemistry and/Physics Queens Col., CUNY

1965‑1971 Physical Metallurgist Argonne National Laboratory, DOE 1960‑1965 Fellow in Metal Physics Mellon Inst, Carnegie‑Mellon Univ.


B.Sc.(Ch.E.), 1955, Columbia University

Ph.D., 1960, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Courses Taught

 Chemical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Thermal techniques for materials characterization, Experimental condensed matter physics.

Research Interests

Research Interests

a) Preparation and characterization of novel optical and photonic materials in the form of single crystals, nano-crystallites embedded in a glass matrix, composites containing optically active nano and micron sized particles and quantum dot structures. b) Utilization of recyclable materials (plastics and demolition debris)

Current Research Associates

Profs. R.R. Alfano, V. Petricevic and N. Parker in the Departments of Physics and Civil Engineering.



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