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Michel Ghosn

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Michel Ghosn


Steinman Hall


American Society of Civil Engineers, ASCE, 1987 Arthur M. Wellington Prize.

International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety, IABMAS 2010 Prize.


Editorial Boards:              





Spanish Ministry of Education / Technical University of Catalonia, 2010

 NASA Faculty Fellow: Glenn Research Center, 2003, 2004


Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 1984.

Courses Taught

Mechanics of Deformable Bodies

Structural Dynamics

Bridge Engineering

Research Interests

Bridge engineering; Reliability analysis of bridge systems; Linear and nonlinear behavior and safety assessment of structural systems; Calibration of structural design and evaluation codes and specifications.


 Selected Sample of Recent Journal Publications

·         Ghosn, M., Sivakumar, B. and Miao, F. (2012) “Development of State-Specific Load and Resistance Factor Rating Method, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering.

·         Ceci, A., Casas, J.R., and Ghosn, M. (2011) Statistical Analysis of Existing Models for Flexural Strengthening of Concrete Bridge Beams using FRP Sheets, Journal of Construction & Building Materials. Reference: JCBM2776, DOI information: 10.1016/j.conbuildmat.2011.07.014

·         Agrawal, A.K., Ghosn, M., Alampalli, S. and Pan, Y. (2011) Seismic Fragility of RetrofittedMulti-Span Continuous Steel Bridges in New York, ASCE Journal of Bridge Engineering.

·         Miao, F. and Ghosn, M., (2011), “Modified subset simulation method for reliability analysis of structural systems” Structural Safety 33 (2011), pp. 251-260 DOI information: 10.1016/j.strusafe.2011.02.004.

·         Ghosn, M. (2009) “Effect of climate change on safety and reliability of typical highway structures, International J. of Terraspace Science and Eng., V1(1).

·         Ghosn, M., Moses F. and Frangopol, D.M. (2010) “Redundancy and Robustness of Highway Bridge Superstructures and Substructures”, Journal of Structural and Infrastructure Engineering, Volume 6 Issue 1 and 2, February 2010, pages 257 - 278.

·         Subramaniam, K. V., Ali-Ahmad, M. and Ghosn, M. (2008) “Freeze-Thaw Degradation of FRP-Concrete Interface: Impact on Fracture Parameters”, Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Vol. 7, pp. 3924-3940.

Additional Information

Biographical Sketch

Professor Michel Ghosn’s research background is in the areas of structural reliability and system safety with a particular emphasis on bridge structures. This background includes: Analysis and quantification of structural redundancy and robustness of bridge systems, development of load and resistance factor (LRFD) specifications; development of advanced techniques for the reliability assessment of bridge structural systems; development of live load models for bridge design and evaluation; Multi-Hazard models for the design of bridges under combinations of extreme events; reliability and seismic fragility analysis of bridges; nonlinear behavior of bridge systems; truck weight statistics and bridge weigh-in-motion systems.


Research Achievement Awards 

• Dr. Ghosn is the recipient of the 2017 IASSAR Research Achievement Award presented by the International Association on Structural Safety and Reliability. 

• Dr. Ghosn and his co-authors were recipients of the Outstanding Paper Award in the Scientific Paper category of the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, IABSE 2013. 

• Dr. Ghosn was the recipient of the 2010 Prize from the International Association for Bridge Management and Safety (IABMAS) for his contributions to Bridge Redundancy. 

• Dr. Ghosn and Moses were awarded the A. Wellington Prize from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) for his paper on “Reliability-Calibration of Bridge Design Code”. 


Academic Awards 

• CCNY President's 2016 Award for Outstanding Faculty Service in the Grove School of Engineering 

• Recognition from CCNY School of Engineering Student Academic Support Services for: “Dedication and Support of Engineering Students”, May 1999. 

Editorial Boards 

• Managing editor for North America, Journal of STRUCTURE and INFRASTRUCTURE ENGINEERING 

• Member of editorial board of the Journal of STRUCTURAL SAFETY. 

• Member of editorial board of the Journal of Civil And Architectural Engineering


Key Note Lecture 

• IABMAS 2016: Biennial meeting of International Association for Bridge Management and Safety 


Engineering Societies 

• Dr. Ghosn is currently the Chairman of the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) Technical Council on Life-Cycle Performance, Safety, Reliability and Risk of Structural Systems 

• Between 2008 and 2015 He Chaired Task Group 2 on Reliability-based Structural System Performance Indicators. 

• He had previously served on the ASCE Bridge Safety Committee which he chaired between 1991 and 1995. 


Scientific Committees 

Dr. Ghosn has served on scientific committees for various national and international organizations including the Transportation Research Board (TRB), International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety (IABMAS), International Association on Structural Safety and Reliability (IASSAR). He was member of the scientific committees of several conferences and symposia including most recently the 2012 ASCE Specialty Conference on Probabilistic Mechanics and Structural Reliability (PMC), the 2017 International Conference on Structural Safety and Reliability, ICOSSAR’14, International Association for Bridge Management and Safety IABMAS 2016, International Conference on Application of Statistics and Probability in Soil and Structural Engineering, ICASP 2015.


Project review Panels 

Dr. Ghosn also served on project review panels for the Federal Highway Administration FHWA, the National Science Foundation NSF, the National Cooperative Highway research Program (NCHRP), and the Swiss National Science Foundation among others.


Recent Sponsored Research 

Dr. Ghosn has led several research projects for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP), and the National Science Foundation (NSF). Recent projects led by M. Ghosn or where he had major contributions include: 

• FHWA: Procedures for Response-Based Load Rating of Bridges 

• NCHRP: Bridge System Safety and Redundancy 

• NCHRP: Risk-based Approach for Bridge Scour Prediction 

• NYSDOT: Effect of Truck Overweight on New York Stat Infrastructure 

• NYSDOT: Load and Resistance Factor Rating Methodology in New York State 

NCHRP: Protocols for Collecting and using Traffic Data in Bridge Design. 


Impact of Research in Engineering Practice 

• Load Safety Factors proposed by M. Ghosn and his team have been incorporated into the American Association of State Transportation and Highway Officials (AASHTO) Manual for Bridge Evaluation (MBE). The AASHTO MBE is the official manual used to evaluate bridges in the U.S. and many other countries. 

• Simplified versions of System Factors proposed by M. Ghosn and his team have been incorporated into (AASHTO) Manual for Bridge Evaluation (MBE) and the step-by-step redundancy analysis procedure recommended for implementation. 

• Load factors proposed by Ghosn and his teammates are being implemented in the New York State Department of Transportation Manual for bridge rating. 

• Load factors proposed by Ghosn and his teammates are being implemented in the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development manual for bridge design and the manual for bridge rating

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