Peter Chow


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Economics and Business

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Asian Studies Program


NAC 5/106C



Peter Chow


Prior to his appointment at the City University of New York, he was on the faculty at the Berry College in Georgia (1976-1983), and Southeastern Louisiana University (1983-86). He was a visiting research fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and University of California at Berkeley, a visiting scholar at the Institute of Social Science and Philosophy in Academia Sinica in Taiwan, and a visiting professor at the National Taiwan University in Taiwan and Nagoya National University in Japan. Chow was invited to lecture extensively in Tokyo University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Meiji Gakuin University in Yokohama and several universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Chow is specialized in trade and development, with special interest in comparative developments in latecomers of industrialization Asia-Pacific region. His recent research focused on the economic transformation and integration in the Pacific Basin countries, technological transfers and modernization in the late industrialized countries. He served as the Executive Director for the American Association for Chinese Studies, the economics editor of the American Journal for Chinese Studies, and a referee for several professional and academic journals in the world.

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B.A., National Taiwan Univ.; M.S., Southern Illinois Univ., Ph.D.


In addition to more than 40 articles published in leading academic journals, and more than 100 papers presented at the academic and professional meetings, Chow has authored, coauthored and edited several major books in trade and development including:

The Growth and Stability of A Small Open Economy (Alpha Edition, Burgess Publishing Company)

China's Modernization in Relation to the U.S. (Alpha Edition, Burgess Publishing Company)

Trade-The Engine of Growth inEast Asia (Oxford University Press, co-authored with Mitchell Kellman)

Weathering the Storms: Taiwan, Its Neighbors and Asian Financial Crisis, (co-edited with Bates Gills, The Brookings Press).

China’s Economy after Deng: A Long Term Perspective, Contemporary Asian Studies 1995, No.5. University of Maryland School of Law

US-Taiwan FTA Agreement, Contemporary Asian Studies No.4, 2002, University of Maryland School of Law

Taiwanin the Global Economy and Taiwan’s Modernization in a Global Perspective, Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc., 2002.

Economic Integration, Democratization and National Security in East Asia, Edward Elgar Publisher, 2007. The Oxford publication enabled him and his co-author to receive the R.R. Hawkins Excellent Awardof the Outstanding Professional and Scholarly Work in Economics from the Association of American Publishers, Inc.