Robert Higney

Associate Professor

Deputy Chair; Director, Isaacs Scholarship and English Honors Program


Main Affiliation


Areas of Expertise/Research

  • 20th Century British Literature and Culture
  • Contemporary Fiction


North Academic Center





photo of Robert Higney

Robert Higney


PhD, Johns Hopkins University
MA, Johns Hopkins University
BA, Boston College

Courses Taught


ENGL 49260: The Novel Now
ENGL 49016: Global Modernisms
ENGL 36503: Energy, Infrastructure, and the Worlds of Modern Literature
ENGL 35800: Representative British Writers: Modern Period
ENGL 26102: Introduction to Genre: The Novel
ENGL 25000: Introduction to Literary Study


ENGL B1957: The Novel Now: Contemporary Fiction
ENGL B1968: The Historical Novel After Modernism
ENGL B1720: The Twentieth-Century British Novel

Research Interests

Robert Higney teaches twentieth-century British and Anglophone writing, global modernism, contemporary fiction, and the history of the novel. His research interests are in questions of character and narrative form, institutions and infrastructure, and how literary forms migrate into historical, biographical, and theoretical writing.


Institutional Character: Collectivity, Individuality, and the Modernist Novel (forthcoming from the University of Virginia Press)

"Where the Network Ends," in "The Character of Literary Criticism," eds. Octavio González and Lisa Mendelman, ASAP/J (27 September 2021)

“Institutional Picaresque,” in “Modernist Institutions,” eds. Meghan Faragher and Caroline Krzakowski, Modernism/modernity Print+ 5.2 (November 2020)

"Scholarship, Inc.," The AnaChronisT 19 (2019): 159-165

"Institutions, Genres, Readers," Contemporary Literature 60.2 (Summer 2019): 289-299.

Review of Figures of Catastrophe: The Condition of Culture Novel, by Francis Mulhern, Modernism/modernity 24.2 (April 2017): 412-414

“‘Law, Good Faith, Order, Security’: Joseph Conrad’s Institutions,” NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction 48.1 (Spring 2015): 85-102

"Virginia Woolf's The Years," Yale Modernism Lab

"Virginia Woolf's The Pargiters," Yale Modernism Lab