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Rose Saint Fleur Calixte

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Rose Saint Fleur-Calixte

Research Associate

Harris Hall
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Rose Saint Fleur-Calixte serves as Research Associate in the Department of Community Health and Social Medicine (CHASM).   Dr. Calixte came to the CUNY School Of Medicine in late 2017 after serving 4 years as a collaborative biostatistician at NYU Winthrop Hospital.  A statistician by training, she provides statistical support to CHASM faculty.  She also serves as the database manager across multiple projects within the department.  She stays current with the latest statistical methodologies to provide the best analytical strategies in support of study objectives.  She maintains expertise in several statistical software, such as SAS, Stata, SPSS, and R. 



PhD, 2010.  Stony Brook University

MS, 2006.  Stony Brook University

BS, 2004.  The City College of New York


Research Interests

Dr. Calixte’s main goal is to support the research objectives of CHASM faculty using appropriate statistical methodologies.  Her research interests include the application of propensity score methods to complex survey data and the best analytical methods for longitudinal data with a modest number of time points.


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  1. Cecilia Monteilh, Rose Calixte, Sathyraprasad Burjonrappa. 2018. Controversies in the management of neonatal testicular torsion: A meta-analysis. Journal of Pediatric Surgery DOI:


  1. Melodi Pirzada, John Bishara, Jessica Shaw, Joy Eribo, Rose Calixte, Melissa Fazzari, Christina Valsamis, and Claudia Halaby. 2018.  Analysis of Trans-Tracheal Measurements in Children Wearing Speaking Valves during Sleep. Otolaryngology Online Journal 8, no. 1


  1. Stephanie Mawhirt, Luz S. Fonacier, Rose Calixte, Mark Davis-Lorton, Marcella R. Aquino. 2018.  Skin testing and induction of tolerance outcomes among platinum-sensitive oncology patients. Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology 120(4):437-39 DOI:


  1. Aaron Pinkhasov, Deepan Singh, Sridivya Chavali, Lori Legrand, Rose Calixte.  2018.  The Impact of Designated Behavioral Health Services on Resource Utilization and Quality of Care in Patients Requiring Constant Observation in a General Hospital Setting: A Quality Improvement Project.  Community Mental Health Journal DOI:


  1. Aaron Pinkhasov, Deepan Singh, Sridivya Chavali, Lori Legrand, Rose Calixte.  2018. A Proactive Behavioral Health Service Model to Address Constant Observation Utilization in a General Hospital- A Collaborative Quality Improvement Success. Psychiatric Services DOI: https://dx.doi/10.1176/


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