Samantha Barrick

Director of Humanities in Medicine & Lecturer

Main Affiliation

CUNY School of Medicine

Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Medical Humanities
  • Narrative Medicine


Harris Hall







Samantha Barrick


Samantha Barrick is a Lecturer and Director of Humanities in Medicine at the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education. She is the Course Director for the Narrative Medicine FIQWS Course and Health, Medicine, and Society 1 (HMS 1). Professor Barrick coordinates and facilitates narrative medicine sessions with faculty, students and staff at Sophie Davis, and trains student mentors to do the same. She is helping to develop a humanities thread throughout the curriculum. She also teaches in the Program of Narrative Medicine at Columbia University and is a poet & writer.


M.S., 2010, Columbia University, New York

B.A., 1999, New School for Social Research, New York

Courses Taught

Narrative Medicine FIQWS Course

Health, Medicine and Society 1

Training for Wellness and Reflective Practice

Socio-Medical Science 

Research Interests

Research on validated instruments to capture empathy, professionalism and burnout.


"Infinity and the Construction of Safe Space." In Queering Sexual Violence:
Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Sexual Violence Movement, ed. Jennifer Patterson: Magnus Books, New York, NY. Forthcoming 2014

"Bats" and "20 pinks of the body." Poems. The Ledge Magazine, Belmont, NY. Spring, 2011

"On the Road." Cover article and five poems, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia, PA. 2006

GRIT and tender membrane. A full length manuscript of poetry and memoir. Plan B Press, Philadelphia, PA. 2006

Jelly. Chapbook of poems with accompanying artwork of Theodore Harris and Beandrea Davis. TigerMonkey Alliance, Inc., Philadelphia, PA. 2005