Sarah B. Cohn

Head of Reference | Assistant Professor

Main Affiliation


Areas of Expertise/Research

  • Information Literacy
  • Digital Humanities Research


North Academic Center




(212) 650-5871

Sarah Cohn

Sarah B. Cohn


Sarah Cohn is the Head of Reference for the Cohen Library.


B.A., Political Science, University of Oregon
M.L.S., Library Science, Queens College, CUNY
M.A., Digital Humanities, Graduate Center, CUNY

Courses Taught

LIB 10000: Research in the Digital Age

Spring 2022; Fall 2020

Expanding beyond the ability to read and write, there are multiple types of literacy needed to be a successful citizen. In a media-saturated world, these expanded literacies are necessary to understanding and changing the world. Throughout the course, students will think and write critically about information and media in order to better understand and critique our current information environment, in which we all are hoped, assumed, and constructed to be passive consumers. Beyond news media, we will explore how information is created, saved, described, and accessed through institutions like libraries and archives. We will examine the ethics of information use and determine how to critically evaluate sources, and how to leverage the tools at our disposal to discover information in support of academic and personal research.


Cohn, S. (2021). Professional Ethics and Learning Analytics: A Reflection on a Cross-Departmental Assessment Project. Urban Library Journal, 27(1).

Cohn, S., & Hyams, R. (2021). Our Year of Remote Reference: COVID19’s Impact on Reference Services and Librarians. Internet Reference Services Quarterly, 25(4), 127–144.

Cohn, S., & Hyams, R. (2021). Making Room for TBD: Adapting Library Websites During a Pandemic. Computers in Libraries, 41(2), 18–21.