Silvia Burunat

Professor of Spanish

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Classical & Modern Languages & Literatures


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Silvia Burunat


Silvia Burunat, Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY, Professor of Spanish. Her research has concentrated on the History of the Spanish Language, Spanish Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Spanish for Native Speakers, and Literature of Memoirs. She is the author of several books, reviews and articles, and the co-editor of Veinte años de literatura cubano-americana (1988). Her latest books are El español y su evolución (1999). El español y su sintaxis (2d Ed., 2010). El español y su estructura (2d Ed., 2012). Jornada de amor y lágrimas (2006). Josefa y Josefina (2007), Monólogos dialogados (2008), Autobiografía póstuma (2009), Fantasías reales (2010), and editor of 17 memorias y un prólogo (2010). She is currently preparing a second edition of El español y su evolución together with Prof. Ángel Estévez, which will be published by Peter Lang in 2014. Prof. Burunat has created four new courses for the FLL Department under the rubric of Special Topics in the last four years: Literature of Memoirs, Therapeutic Literature, Literature of Travels and Travelers, and Eros & Cupid in Contemporary Spanish Language Cinema.


Ph.D., Graduate Center, CUNY.