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Stanley Thangaraj

Faculty and Staff Profiles

Stanley Thangaraj

Assistant Professor

NAC 7/113A
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Stan Thangaraj is a Socio-cultural Anthropologists with interests in race, gender, sexuality, class, and ethnicity in Asian America in particular and in immigrant America in general. He is a former high school and collegiate athlete and coach who considers sport a key site to understand immigrant enculturation, racialization, and cultural citizenship. He is contracted with New York University Press for his monograph Brown Out, Man Up! Basketball, Leisure, and Making Desi Masculinity. His key communities of study are South Asian Americans. He also has a contract with New York University Press for the co-edited collection Asian American Sporting Cultures. In May 2014, his other co-edited collection Sport and South Asian Diasporas will be out from Routledge. He looks at the relationship between citizenship, gender, race, and sexuality as critical to understanding diasporic nationalism. Prof. Thangaraj has two new projects. His first project examines how Kurdish American communities embody, negotiate, challenge, and manage U.S. Empire. Instead of juxtaposing Muslim Kurdish women as victim of Islamic patriarchy, he is interested in how women assert agency and form identities on the ground while challenging mainstream U.S. racializations of them. The second project explores the spatialization of race, class, and sexuality in the construction of the Civil Rights narrative at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. In this project, he looks at the relationship between celebrating Civil Rights history, the propping up of heterosexual black nationalism and social movements, and the gentrification that follows this discourse. Stan Thangaraj takes his intellectual inspiration from Women of Color Feminism and Queer Theory.



PhD in Socio-Cultural Anthropology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

MA in Social Sciences, University of Chicago

BA in Anthropology and Political Science, Emory University


Courses Taught

Anthropology of Sport

Anthropology of Urban Areas

Sport, Race, and Gender

American Sports and Masculinity

Introduction to Sociology

African American Social Movements


Research Interests

Stan Thangaraj's research interests include Masculinity Studies, Gender theory, Queer theory, Critical Race Theory, Race and Ethnicity, Diaspora Studies, Asian American Studies, American Studies, Refugee Studies, Kurdish America, Arab America, Black-South Asian relations, Comparative Racializations, Anthropology of Sport, U.S. Empire, Museum Studies, Southern Studies, and South Asian American Studies.



(Under contract) Brown Out, Man Up! Basketball, Leisure, and Making South AsianAmerican Masculinity. New York: New York University Press.

Co-edited Collections

(Under contract with co-editors Constancio Arnaldo, Jr. and Christine Chin) Playing AsianAmerica: The Politics of Sport.New York: New York University Press.

(2014) Thangaraj, Stanley, Daniel Burdsey, and Rajinder Dudrah.Sport and South AsianDiasporas: Playing through Space and Time. Abingdon: Routledge.

(October 2013) Burdsey, Daniel, Stanley Thangaraj, and Rajinder Dudrah. Special Issue on "Sport and South Asian Diasporas" for the Journal of South Asian Popular Culture 11(3)

Journal Articles

(Revise and Resubmit) "Liberate Women They Say, But Only a Certain Woman." Journal ofthe White Privilege Conference

October 2013. Burdsey, Daniel, Stanley Thangaraj, and Rajinder Dudrah."Playing through Time and Space: South Asian Diasporas and Sport." South Asian Popular Culture 11(3)

October 2013. "Competing Masculinities: Ethnic Sport Leagues and South Asian American Masculinity." South Asian Popular Culture 11(3)

June 2012. "Playing through Difference: The Black-White Racial Logic and Interrogating South Asian American Identity."Journal of Ethnic and Racial Studies 35(6)

2010."Liting it Up: Popular Culture, Indo-Pak Basketball, and South Asian American Institutions" Cosmopolitan Civil Societies: An Interdisciplinary Journal2(2)

September 2010."Ballin' Indo-Pak Style: Pleasures, Desires, and Expressive Practices of "South Asian American" Masculinity." International Review for the Sociology of Sport 45(3)


(in review) "They said 'Go Back to Afghanistan': U.S. Publics, Playing Basketball, and Challenging the American Terror(ist)."

(forthcoming) Thangaraj, Stanley and Constancio Arnaldo "Asian American Sporting Cultures." In Encyclopedia of Asian American Society, (eds.) Mary Danico et al.

(forthcoming) Arnaldo, Constancio and Stanley Thangaraj. "Asian American Athletes."InEncyclopedia of Asian American Society, (eds.) Mary Danico et al.

(Forthcoming) "'We're 80% more Patriotic': Atlanta's Muslim Community and the Performances of Cultural Citizenship," In Routledge Publication's Handbook on Race,Class, and Gender

2013. "'Liting it Up': Indo-Pak Basketball and Finding the American-Ness in South Asian American Institutions." In Asian Americans and Sport, (ed.) Richard King.New York: Routledge

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