Stephen H. Levine

Adjunct Associate Professor


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Stephen H. Levine


 Stephen Levine has been an Adjunct Associate Professor at CWE since September, 1993. His doctoral dissertation, “St. Loe Strachey and the Ideology of Free Trade Unionism” focused on the impact on British politics of two issues; the struggle for an independent Ireland, and Free Trade versus Protectionism. He has taught at Brooklyn College, Cornell University’s School of Industrial and Labor Relations, and the MA Program in Urban Studies at Long island University. Since 1984, he has conducted public policy research for the NYC Department of Social Services and the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. His publications include studies of the clients of New York City homeless shelters, auto workers displaced by the closing of the Ford Assembly Plant in Mahwah, New Jersey and the articles on Ray Stannard Baker and Max Eastman in American Reformers (1985).