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Vincent Pauchard

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Vincent Pauchard

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Vincent Pauchard joined the Department of Chemical Engineering and the Energy Institute at the City College of New York in December 2014 as an Assistant Professor. Beforehand he was a senior researcher and project leader at SINTEF (Norway) for 5 years, a lab researcher and project leader at Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) for 3 years, a junior researcher at the French Institute of Petroleum for 5 years. All his career was devoted to R&D in the field of Oil production and particularly Flow Assurance: multiphase flow, hydrates slurries, water oil separation etc. Lately his research focused on the interfacial properties of asphaltenes and their impact on emulsion stability (with potential extension to Enhanced Oil Recovery).


INSA de Lyon (France), B.S., MS. Material Sciences, 1992-1998
Ecole Centrale de Lyon (France), Ph.D. Material Sciences, 1998-2001


Wide applicability of Langmuir EOS for asphaltenes at the oil-water interface:coal-derived, petroleum and synthetic asphaltenes. Rane, J.;Zarkar, S.;Pauchard, V.;Mullins, O.;Christie, D.;Andrews, A.;Pomerantz, A.;Banerjee, S.Energy and Fuels, 2015.

Interfacial Properties of Asphaltenes at Toluene - Water Interfaces. Zarkar, S., Pauchard, V., FAROOQ, U. Couzis, A., Banerjee, S. Langmuir, 2015.

Soft-glassy rheology of asphaltenes at liquid interfaces. Samaniuk J.R., Hermans E., Verwijlen T., Pauchard V., Vermant J.. Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. 2015.

Modelling in Oil-Water Dispersions –Model Description, Experimental Verification and Code Demonstration. Panjwani B., Amiri A., Mo S., Fossen M. , Linga H. &Pauchard V.. Dense Packed Layer Journal of Dispersion Science and Technology. 2015.

Asphaltene-laden interfaces form soft glassy layers in contraction experiments: a mechanism for coalescence blocking. Pauchard, V., Rane, J. P., &Banerjee, S. Langmuir, 2014.

Long-Term Adsorption Kinetics of Asphaltenes at the Oil–Water Interface: A Random Sequential Adsorption Perspective. V. Pauchard, . J. Rane, S. Zarkar, Couzis, A., &Banerjee, S. Langmuir, 2014.

Pauchard, V., &Roy, T. Blockage of coalescence of water droplets in asphaltenes solutions: A jamming perspective. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2014.

Interfacial rheology of asphaltenes at oil-water interfaces and interpretation of the equation of state. J. Rane, V. Pauchard, A. Couzis, S. Banerjee. Langmuir 2013.

Adsorption Kinetics of Asphaltenes at the Oil–Water Interface and Nanoaggregation in the Bulk. J. Rane, V. Pauchard, A. Couzis, S. Banerjee. Langmuir 2012.

The role of naphthenic acids in emulsion tightness for a low TAN / high asphaltenes oil. V. Pauchard, J. Sjöblom, S. Kokal, P. Bouriat, C. Dicharry, H. Müller and A. al-Hajj. Energy and Fuels 2008.

The role of naphthenic acids in emulsion tightness for a low TAN /high asphaltenes oil: Characterization of the interfacial chemistry. H. Muller;V. Pauchard;A. al-Hajji. Energy and Fuels 2008.

Global Description of crack propagation in ceramics. C. Olagnon, J. Chevalier, V. Pauchard. Journal of the EuropeanCeramic Society 2006.

In situ analysis of delayed fibre failure within water-aged GFRP under static fatigue conditions. V. Pauchard A. Chateauminois, F. Grosjean and P. Odru. International Journal of Fatigue Vol.24, 2002.

Application of a stress-corrosion-cracking model to an analysis of the durability of glass/epoxy composites in wet environment. V. Pauchard, F. Grosjean, H. Campion-Boulhart and A. Chateauminois. Composites Science and technology, 2002.

Measurement of sub-critical crack-growth rates in glass fibers by means of acoustic emission. V. Pauchard, S. Brochado, A. Chateauminois, H. Campion, F. Grosjean.

Journal of Materials Science Letters 2001.

Unrefereed communications (selection):

A pragmatic approach to CFD modelling of separation processes. K.E.Trætli‐Einarsrud, B.Panjwani &V.Pauchard10th International Conference on Computational Fluid Dynamics in the Oil &Gas, Metallurgical and Process Industries. June 17 –19 2014, Trondheim, Norway.

Mullins, O. C., Pomerantz, A. E., Zuo, J. Y., Andrews, A. B., Hammond, P. S., Dong, C., ….&Pauchard, V.. Asphaltene Nanoscience and Reservoir Fluid Gradients Tar Mat Formation and the Oil-Water Interface. In SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. Society of Petroleum Engineers September 2013.

Guerillot, D. R., Al-Taie, I., Pauchard, V., Raju, K., Sanders, P., Sherik, A., &Vilagines, R. (2009, January). R&D role for sustainable production operations. In SPE Saudia Arabia Section Technical Symposium. Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Readdressing interfacial rheology of asphaltenes covered interfaces by a classical Langmuir equation of state. V. Pauchard Presented at the 2013 Petrophase Conference, Paris (France).

Elucidation of asphaltene core structures by analysis of fragmentation patterns during mass spectrometric experiments. V. Pauchard Presented at the 2013 Petrophase Conference, Paris (France).

Adsorption and interfacial properties of model asphaltenes without polar groups. V. Pauchard Presented at the 2013 Oilfield Chemistry Symposium, Geilo (Norway).

Droplet Size Measurements for Water in Oil Emulsion during stirred Reactor Experiments: Effect of Asphaltenes Adsorption. V. Pauchard, R. Tirthankar Presented at the 2012 Oilfield Chemistry Symposium, Geilo (Norway).

Gas hydrates slurry flow in a black oil. Prediction of gas hydrate particles agglomeration and linear pressure drop. A. Musumesci, T. Palermo, V. Pauchard, J.L. Peytavy. Presented at the 2007 Multiphase Conference, Edinburgh (UK).

Oil line blowing off under hydrate formation conditions. Pauchard, S Decarre, G Mogenier. Presented at the 2007 Multiphase Conference, Edinburgh (UK).

Transformation of a concentrated oil/water emulsion into a gel due to slight hydrates formation. V. Pauchard, M. Darbouret, T. Palermo, J.L. Peytavy Presented at the 5th International Conference on Gas hydrates. 2005.

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