Vincent Tirelli

Adjunct Assistant Professor


25 Broadway 7th Floor


(212) 925-6625

Vincent Tirelli


Vincent Tirelli received his PhD from the Political Science Program of the CUNY Graduate Center in 2007, specializing in American Politics and Political Theory. His dissertation is titled: "The Invisible Faculty Fight Back: Contingent Academic Labor and the Political Economy of the Corporate University." He is a past officer of the Executive Council of the PSC-AFT, the faculty and staff union at CUNY, and he currently serves as Chair of the Northeast Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor (Northeast COCAL).

Courses Taught

He has taught over 15 courses, undergraduate and graduate, at various CUNY campuses.

  • Intro to Public Policy
  • New York Politics
  • U.S. Government and Politics at CWE (since 2003)