Warren Orange

Advisor/Financial Aid Coord. Alumn/Student Gov.


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Warren Orange


Warren Orange has a MA in Urban Public Policy from Brooklyn College, and a BA in Liberal Arts from the City College Center for Worker Education. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and was a City College Fellow. Warren began working at the City College Center for Education in 1990, as a College Assistant. In his twenty five plus years he served as the Center’s Administrative Coordinator, as well as assistant to the Director, supervising day to day operations and administration of bill payments.  Today his two primary roles at the DIS-CWE are coordination of student financial aid services and academic advising.

At the Center Financial Aid advisors can assist in understanding the application processes, assembling relevant documentation, transporting requested documents to the main campus, and providing guidance throughout the Financial aid process. His academic advising functions consist of assisting students in navigating the policies, programs, and regulations of both CWE and CCNY. It also includes advising students on the ways to meet individual goals, and degree requirements.

The Orange is also a CWE Student Committee Advisor and bill-payment coordinator. In addition to his administrative functions, he continues to cultivate his intellectual interests in African American history and culture. He is an adjunct lecturer, teaching courses in African American History, and Black Popular culture. In February 2010 he co-founded the “Is Hip Hop History?” conference. Warren also developed the “Reading Hip Hop: Off the Records, In the Books”, public lecture series that allowed CWE students to explore various text on and about hip hop, and discuss the works with their authors. He developed the “History, Culture and Politics of Hip-Hop” course, a favorite amongst the upper-division interdisciplinary offerings.



Courses Taught

  • Black Working Class Culture and Politics
  • Race and Beauty