Applied Psychology Internship: Industrial Psychology


The intern will work within the HR department of a student-run collegiate rocketry nonprofit. The Industrial Psychology section tracks the social health of the organization in such areas as communication, retention (of people, information and skills), and perceived value of work. This list is not exhaustive, and the intern is welcomed to develop their own specific area of research interest.

Though the position is predominantly research oriented, the intern can expect to gain experience working in teams, presenting information and interacting with those outside their area of expertise and in applying the fruits of their and others research directly into a community of people.


It is understood that the intern will not have any prior experience in collegiate rocketry or in industrial psychology. However, interns are expected to be open to learning new things as a matter of course, and to improving their communication and teamwork skills. An instructive guide on the kinds of qualities that will serve you well in this and any other research group are Richard Hamming’s “qualities of great researchers”:

  1. Have the courage to tackle the important problems
    1. These are the grand challenges that will make a significant difference, not just the “safe” research
    2. Attackable, meaning there is a way to begin solving the problems
  2. Start with independent thoughts and then collaborate with others
  3. Make steady progress; be driven and focused
  4. Redirect something difficult into something that is easier
  5. Are open to learning things outside their own field; “knowledge is like compound interest”
  6. Tolerate ambiguity:
    1. Believe in self enough to proceed
    2. Doubt self-enough to honestly see flaws
  7. Communicate well
    1. Write well
    2. Present well
    3. Able to communicate work into executive level communications
  8. Honest with personal flaws and work towards overcoming them (converting liabilities into assets)
  • Conduct research and make connections to possible applications within the world of collegiate rocketry
  • Work within teams composed of those outside your major or chosen discipline
  • Communicate one’s research to those with no psychological background and/or to those in planning in management positions
  • Think creatively in a multifaceted organization requiring cooperation and communication
  • Build confidence in your ability as a researcher
  • Do fulfilling work and have fun!

If you are interested in this internship, contact Dr. Richard Paino (  ) and (reference HLA-4)

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