Registration Information For All New Students

  • On June 28, 2010 the Board of Trustees of the City University of New York approved the implementation of a non-refundable commitment deposit of $100 for undergraduate students and $250 for students in master's and professional programs, indicating their intention to enroll in such programs. This commitment deposit is effective Spring 2011. For details, contact the Office of Admissions at (212) 650-6977.
  • If you have already been admitted to CCNY as a matriculated freshman or transfer student and have completed the admissions process as described in your acceptance letter, you are ready to register for classes. For more information, log in to your "MYCity."

Non-matriculated students (those who are not candidates for a degree) must apply for admission prior to registration. This includes visitors from non-CUNY colleges, post-baccalaureate students wishing to take a few classes, and senior citizens auditing courses. Please feel free to call (212) 650-6977 to make certain you have the necessary admissions documentation before you come to register. Students who wish to return to CCNY, click here for more information.

New freshman and transfer students will be notified of orientation and registration by the Office of New Student Programs. For information call 212-65-8913 or email orient%61tio%6e@ccny.cuny .e%64%75" rel="nofollow"> .
  • Check the current Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin (/CCNYBulletin/)for a complete description of College policies, degree requirements and course descriptions.
  • See your faculty advisor. All new SEEK students are also required to see their SEEK counselors.
    • If you are a new graduate student, you need the approval of the advisors in your department of interest.
    • If you are a new freshman or a transfer student, you will be advised and registered in the Dean's office of the division of your major interest. Over the course of your career at City College your academic interests may change as you define and refine your area of academic concentration - and you will have the opportunity to change advisors when you declare a major. For now, if you are interested in:


Mr. Arnaldo Melendez

AR - 109D



Ms. Stacia Pusey

NA 3/223A


Engineering & Computer Science

Rawlins Beharry – Freshmen

Dean Laurent Mars - Transfers

ST - 2M6

ST - 209



Gateway Advising Center (GAC)

Dr. Lydia Gerson

NA 1/220 650-6115

Humanities & The Arts

Ms. Migen Prifti

Ms. Melissa Oden

NA 5/225

NA 5/225



The Sciences

Dr. Millicent Roth

MR -
Plaza Level


The Social Sciences

Ms. Scarlett Farray

Dr. Maria Moran

NA 6/145

NA 6/145



  • View your bill on E-SIMS.
  • Pay your bill by the date noted on the lower left-hand portion of the bill. This may be done in person at the Bursar's office (A-103), via mail, or on-line through your CUNY Portal account. (Cash, checks or money orders ONLY for in-person transactions. MasterCard/Discover/AMEX and electronic checks ONLY for on-line transactions). If your bill does not include the financial aid and/or scholarship that you believe you have been awarded, call (212) 650-5819 or visit the Financial Aid Office (A-104) immediately.

    Please note that you must pay your bill by the due date or your registration will be canceled.

  • Obtain your ID card in the NA building1/204. To obtain a CCNY ID card, you must show proof of identity; such as a US Passport, a valid Driver’s License or a State issued photo ID card.
  • City College E-mail Account - Students should check their City College e-mail accounts regularly. The City College e-mail serves as the College’s official means of communication. Get updates, and be kept informed about campus activities. If you do not have a City College e-mail account and you are a registered student, you can look up your email address at: (you have to accept the security certificate). If you have questions or need additional assistance, you can call the Help Desk at (212) 650-7878, send e-mail to , or stop by 1/506 in the NA Building.