Tutoring Services and Other Resources

The Division of the Humanities and the Arts

Foreign Language & Literatures Media Center


The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures offers tutoring services for students enrolled in Foreign Language classes. Tutoring in Spanish, French and Italian begins the second or third week of classes each semester. Tutoring in Chinese and Japanese may be offered on a limited basis. Check office door for tutoring schedule.

Samuel Rudin Writing Center


The CCNY Writing Center offers assistance for all registered City College students. Students attend individual sessions at the Center or submit their work to the Online Writing Lab available year-round through our website. In person, our Consultants work with students on planning, drafting and revising. They listen and give feedback to student ideas, discuss topics or assignments, and read student drafts, helping them to revise.

The Division of Science

CCAPP Student Hall


CCAPP offers both one-on-one and group tutoring in Biology and Chemistry to all students registered for any course in the Division of Science. Tutors clarify lecture material and answer student questions, but do not provide homework answers or make up lectures. Students must make appointments prior to receiving tutoring.

Chemistry Learning Center


The Chemistry Learning Center offers extensive tutoring services for CCNY students in all general chemistry and some advanced courses. Tutoring helps students to advance in their understanding of concepts and problem-solving skills.

Math and Physics Tutoring


Tutoring is offered for all math courses at the level of Calculus 3 and below, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra, as well as for General Physics 1 and 2. Limited tutoring may be provided for other Math and Physics courses. Tutors work with students to improve their understanding of course material, to learn the steps of the problems with which they need help, and to develop their problem-solving skills.

Physics Tutoring Center

Drop-in tutoring is offered for students in our introductory courses: Physics 203,204, 207, 208 and 219.

The Division of Worker Education

Writing Center


The Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at the Center for Worker Education offers individual tutoring in math, Spanish, writing, and technology for CWE students. Talk to the receptionists at the front desk or call 212-925-6625 to schedule an appointment. Students also have access to eTutoring.org, which offers 24/7 support for writing projects and a range or other disciplines.

School of Education

Learning and Technology Resource Center


The Learning and Technology Resource Center provides support and guidance to School of Education candidates preparing for their professional certification examinations. Through regular intervention strategies, the Center helps to ensure that teacher candidates are prepared for the certification exams required by their programs. In addition, the Center supports students who are preparing for the School of Education Admission Test.

Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education

Sophie Davis Learning Resource Center


The School for Biomedical Education's Learning Resource Center (LRC) provides a full range of academic support services for students enrolled in the Sophie Davis BS/MD Program. LRC services include tutoring, review workshops, study groups, and academic counseling. The LRC also provides access to computer facilities, and maintains an excellent reference library. All Sophie Davis students are welcome to use the Center.

The Grove School of Engineering

Office of Student Development


Majors in Engineering can receive walk-in individual tutoring, small group workshops, and academic enrichment courses that supplement instruction. Tutorial services focus on concepts and problem-solving skills in lower division Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering coursework. Our highly-trained tutors are either upper-level peers or graduate students in the Grove School.

Program-Specific Centers

AccessAbility Center Tutoring Services


Tutoring services are available to students registered with the AccessAbility Center. Each student receives two hours of tutoring per course. The student must request a tutor through the AccessAbility Center. We make every effort to find qualified tutors for each student, however services are based on tutor availability for the course requested.

The Gateway Advising Center


The Gateway Advising Center offers tutoring designed for students taking Math Workshop 71, 190 and 81 in preparation for the Calculus sequence.

Rangel Center For Public Policy


Graduate students accepted into the Rangel Center for Public Service receive weekly private tutoring sessions designed to address the specific needs of each individual. In conjunction with this personalized tutoring, bi-monthly writing workshops are conducted on such topics as revision, organization, grammar, and thesis construction.

SEEK Peer Academic Learning Center


The Peer Academic Learning (PAL) Center provides supplemental instructional support through Peer Academic Learners (PALs). Support is available in most of the core courses, including math and science.

Skaaden-Arps Program/Legal Studies Tutoring


Students accepted into the Skadden-Arps Honors Program in Legal Studies are provided with regular one-on-one grammar and writing skills tutoring throughout the two-year curriculum. In addition, a series of workshops are held throughout each semester to offer instruction and guidance in building resumes and cover letters, creating personal statements, and constructing essays.

SSSP Academic Resource Center


The SSSP Academic Resource Center assists students to acquire and develop writing, English language, computer and mathematics skills through one-on-one and group tutoring in the general education major discipline requirements. Academic software is available for assisted instruction in SSSP labs in H-03 and NAC 6/120.