Understanding DegreeWorks "Worksheet"

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Application Selection

Below is an overview of the DegreeWorks worksheet (academic audit):

Degree Requirements Section

This section provides a summary of the degree requirements as well as the overall credits required to graduate. For questions regarding transfer credits, please contact Transfer Evaluation Services at CCNY.



CUNY Skills Assessment

This section displays the status of the Skills Assessment Requirements. If these requirements are not fulfilled, please contact the Office of Evaluation and Testing at testing@ccny.cuny.edu .


Pathways-General Education Requirements

General Education or Pathways requirements will display based upon the year of entry into City College. For details regarding the pathways requirements contact a DegreeWorks liaison/advisor in your division. Click here to locate an advisor/liaison.

NOTE: If a student holds a prior degree (AA, AS or Baccalaureate) general education/pathways requirements are waived and the following section will not appear in the audit.



College Option Section

The college option section shows the college specific requirements that you need to fulfill for your degree. The number of College Option credits is 6 to 12, depending on the number of transfer credits and whether or not an associate degree has been earned.

NOTE: If a student holds a prior degree (Baccalaureate) college option requirements are waived and the following section will not appear in the audit.

Click here to read more information regarding the college option.


Major Requirements Section

The major requirements section lists the specific courses that are required to complete your degree.


Elective Classes Allowed

This section shows elective classes that may be used toward the completion of the degree.


Elective Classes Not Allowed

This section is very important in DegreeWorks because it impacts financial aid and therefore the TAP award. The courses in this category are not required toward the degree and will trigger a course ineligibility flag in the Financial Aid Certification & Tracking System (FACTS) for financial aid.

NOTE: Each semester please ensure that the course(s) "In-progress" do not fall into this section. If any course(s) you are currently enrolled in falls into the "Elective Classes Not Allowed" section of the audit, you must contact DegreeWorks liaison within your school or division.

Click here to locate an advisor/liaison.