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Limited Funding

Division for Research

Limited Funding


Occasionally, funding opportunity solicitations limit the number of proposals that may be submitted by an institution. In such cases, principal investigators must obtain clearance to proceed before submitting a proposal. The Limited opportunities historically of interest to the City College community are listed below, along with approximate deadlines and links to more information. 


Expressions of Interest must be received by the Expression of Interest deadline on this list. Once the deadline passes, principals who have so expressed interest will be informed if a White Paper competition will be invoked or if they may proceed to prepare and submit a proposal on behalf of the College. If a White Paper competition is warranted, the deadline for submission of completed white papers will be as indicated in this table. In general, criteria for evaluation of white papers will reflect sponsor evaluation criteria, with an added factor that reflects institutional impact at CCNY. 


To express your interest (and commitment) to submit a proposal to any of these or other limited opportunities, Please Complete an Expression of Interest Form


Additional limited funding opportunities can be found on PIVOT via the following links:

CCNY faculty, staff and students may set up a PIVOT account to access specific funding opportunities.

Please click limited_funding_opportunites_5-29-18.xlsx for a list of 2018 opportunities


If you have further questions, Please contact: 

Jennifer Lee


Phone: 212.650.6636