Research Reopening

(Last update: 07/19/21. We are current operating under Stage 3 (<75% capacity).

This page serves as a source for guidelines and rules pertaining to college-wide post COVID-19 reopening of research activities. Please review each section with paying special attention to your building/department guidelines since those are usually derived from wider guidelines of parent administrative unit.

• All persons accessing CCNY buildings will need to show proof of vaccination or complete the Everbridge CUNY Symptom Checker each day before coming to campus.

• Vaccinated individuals can present the NYS Exclesior Pass or their completed vaccination card at the CCNY ID office to receive a sticker for their badge.

• Unvaccinated individuals will need to show a negative Covid-19 test from within the previous 7 days and wear a mask over their nose and mouth at all times that they are inside of a CCNY building. On-campus testing information will be provided soon.

General Guidelines

• Density of all occupied spaces must remain <75% of capacity.

• A C-14 permit holder must be present at all times when a laboratory is in use.

• Undergraduate students must be supervised at all times when they are in a laboratory.

• No persons under the age of 18 are allowed in any laboratory.


Please refer to the current version of the approved CCNY Reopening Plans for further details.

Specific Campus Access Protocols:

Protocols for returning on campus may vary based on your role and needs. Please choose the appropriate category below and follow the steps to obtain access.

PI reopening lab after COVID shutdown

1. Reopening plans are no longer required, however all guidelines must be followed and capacity must remain below 75% at all times in all spaces.

2. Continue to adhere to cleaning protocols for shared equipment.

New researcher joining a reopened lab

New researchers must obtain a CCNY ID card following normal procedures. 
If a researcher has been vaccinated, they should obtain a sticker following the above procedures; otherwise they will need to demonstrate a negative Covid-19 test result in the previous 7 days.

CCNY employees not involved in research

Follow the general access guidelines in the current approved CCNY Reopening Plan.

Visitors/Vendors not affiliated with CCNY

1. We will resume pre-pandemic access procedures for outside vendors, repair technicians and other guests. You must meet this person at the building entrance and escort them in.

Visitors to the college are required to provide proof of vaccination or the Negative results from a COVID-19 PCR test. The test should have been sampled within 7 days of the date that the person will be visiting the college. Note, rapid antigen test are not accepted.

Proof of vaccination may include a copy valid vaccination card or the scan of the NYS excelsior pass.

The link can be used to self-register and upload supporting documents. When approved, the visitor will receive an email or text with a pass that must be displayed for public safety when entering the campus.

2. Note, that as before all parking requests must be made directly to the Parking office at .


Undergraduate Researcher Guidelines (Summer 2021)

Beginning Summer 2021 undergraduate researchers funded as part of an organized research activity (grant funded, start-up, fellowships etc.) will be allowed to access campus to perform research.  If you coordinate a funded summer undergraduate research program or plan to fund an undergraduate researcher over the summer, please review the guidelines below.  You should also submit a research restart plan or an updated plan including the names and signatures of the undergraduate students.  Once the plan is approved, the students will be able to request campus access.  The procedure is detailed below.

  • No researchers under the age of 18 are permitted.
  • Undergraduate researchers funded as part of an organized research activity (grant funded, start-up, fellowships etc.) are the only undergraduates allowed in the lab.
  • The occupancy limits must be maintained.  Currently the occupancy level is at 25% and only two persons per lab space (room) at any time are allowed.  Building occupancy levels may rise by summer.  The college continues to discuss options and updates will be available once finalized.
  • All undergraduates must be supervised when in lab and are not permitted to work alone.  Supervision is by the PI, graduate or post doc students.  REMINDER:  The City of New York Fire Department requires that all non-production chemical laboratories have a C-14 holder present at all times during operation.
  • Researchers external to CUNY are required to complete the Independent Researcher Agreement (IRA) form. 
  • All research that can be performed remotely should continue to be performed remotely.


College, University, and State Guidelines


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