Searching for Funding Opportunities with PIVOT

At CCNY, we use PIVOT as our main funding search resource. Users can search using Pivot’s controlled vocabulary in various ways. We recommend Faculty who do not have a PIVOT account to create one to be able to search for funding opportunities.

To search for compatible opportunities in the keyword section of the Pivot Funding Advanced Search, users can begin by typing in a term in the search field and selecting an individual keyword from the choices that pop up. Alternatively, clicking on "browse" launches the keyword tree/hierarchy, then clicking on the arrows on the left to expand a particular subject area to reveal narrower terms under that heading.

Notify us when you find an opportunity you are interested in applying for and we will help with proposal submissions.

If you need further assistance with creating an account or searching for a funding opportunity, please do not hesitate to contact Georgina Kemeh at  gkemeh@ccny.cun" rel="nofollow">  or ext. 7903.