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The Division of Science


The Division of Science recognizes academic advising to be critical to the educational experience of its undergraduate and graduate students. The Science Advising Program provides academic advising for science students throughout their academic careers, especially during those semesters when decisions are being made about the selection of and preparation for a major. Incoming undergraduates, freshmen and transfer students are called “Waiting for Science” and assigned the major code 001 until they are accepted into a department as a major. The Division insures that the waiting for science students see their advisors to plan their academic programs by making it a requirement for registration.  

Undergraduate (Waiting To Declare a Science Major)

Every incoming freshman is assigned to a member of the science faculty who serves as that student’s academic advisor until the student is eligible to become a major in one of the Division’s five departments: Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Mathematics, or Physics. The staff of the Science Advising Center advises transfer students who have not met the eligibility requirements of these departments.

Undergraduate (Major Declared)

Students who have declared a major in one of the Division of Science departments are advised by specially trained major advisors who not only help them with their academic program but also discuss career options and graduate programs.


Each department in the Division of Science has a member of the faculty who advises students regarding graduate programs. If a student stays at the college for graduate studies, the graduate advisor serves as that student’s academic advisor.