Prospective SEEK Student Requirements

SEEK students are conditionally admitted to City College until all of the steps below are met.

1. Students must attend a mandatory SEEK orientation.

2. Students must return the SEEK Economic Verification package and requested income information to the financial aid office in order to verify their eligibility for the program by the set deadline.

3. Students have to complete our mandatory SEEK Summer Program by attending and participating in the assigned workshops.

SEEK Orientation

The SEEK orientation provides students with information about the SEEK admissions process, our program services, discussion of our summer program, and a Q&A session for questions students might have. The orientation also allows prospective students to meet the SEEK faculty and staff.

SEEK Economic Verification Process 

All students who receive a welcome letter from the SEEK Program are conditionally admitted and need to meet a gross family income set by New York State guidelines. In order to verify the income information, students will be provided with a SEEK Economic Verification Package. This Verification Package, which must be returned to the financial aid office by the indicated deadline.

The SEEK Program can only admit a limited number of freshmen each fall. Entry into the program is handled on a first-come, first-served basis. We have to stop admitting students once we have filled the available seats. Therefore, we urge students to submit documents early. Only those students who have submitted a complete verification package (including income information) and have been verified by financial aid will reserve their seats in the SEEK Summer Program. 

Students that are found economically ineligible for SEEK by the Financial Aid Office will be reviewed by the Office of Admissions to determine eligibility under regular/non-SEEK admissions guidelines. Admission to the college is not guaranteed.

SEEK Summer Program

After students have attended our orientation and completed the SEEK Economic Verification process, they will be enrolled in our SEEK Summer Program. The SEEK summer program is mandatory and it is the final step for completing the SEEK admissions process. During the summer program, students will be attending two workshops. The first workshop will be an academic workshop determined by the student’s major interest and CUNY assessment test results. The second workshop is a Transitions workshop that is taught by a SEEK counselor. The Transitions workshop provides students with the opportunity to learn more about what is expected of them in college. It is also meant to build community among SEEK students. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a counselor and complete their fall course registration.

Information about the SEEK Orientations, SEEK Economic Verification Package, and SEEK Summer program will be emailed to you by the SEEK Program.

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