Featured Fellow - Fatoumata Sow

Fatoumata Sow, a 2018-2019 City College S Jay Levy Fellow, is not only a top student but a student of the world: her family is from Guinea, she was born in Iran, she lived in Ethiopia and now makes her home in the Bronx. A life of travel for her and her family have played a big part in Fatoumata’s career choices. While her father served as an ambassador on behalf of Guinea, her mother was a doctor in her native country. Fatoumata’s mother instilled in her a deep interest in helping others through science and clinical care. Fatoumata would like to continue the work of her mother, who had to discontinue her work.

While Fatoumata knows that working in the medical field is what she wants to do, she is still open to where her future career and studies will take her. Whether she chooses to be a physician assistant, medical doctor, nurse or participate in another clinical field, Fatoumata knows that she will have an impact in helping others. The reputation of City College and its Physician Assistant training program brought Fatoumata to The City College of New York. After building a stellar academic record, Fatoumata received an invitation to the S Jay Levy Fellowship. The S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders program was made possible through the generosity of the late S Jay Levy ’42 through the Jerome Levy Foundation. Mr. Levy was a noted economist and advocate of policies to increase employment opportunities. In this selective program, fellows participate in a year-long professional development process that culminates in a 280-hour summer internship. Fellows receive professional development training and a $4,200 stipend towards unpaid summer internships.

Fatoumata was intrigued to apply for the S Jay Levy fellowship due to the professional training available, including resume writing and interview preparation in addition to access to a funded summer internship.  Fatoumata explained that she remembers being really nervous to practice her interview but now she feels ready for similar situations. Fatoumata describes herself as naturally shy but that the program helped her to gain more confidence, meet new people and create important connections. She will always remember how much she grew as a professional within a cohort of fellows.

With a positive outlook for the future, Fatoumata is looking forward to a very busy summer interacting with patients and conducting research. She will be interning at the NYU Langone Headache Center for 280-hours and will spend her off day at The Mount Sinai Hospital as a Resource Associate. Asked how a busy summer will affect her life, Fatoumata stated that “my older sister will have to cook more”.

Last Updated: 03/01/2019 13:20