Program Overview

S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders

“The S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders is a program developed with the idea of taking down barriers, pointing a few arrows and letting people really use their talents to advance their careers. I want you to keep in mind that in a world where upward mobility is being interfered with—we’re pushing back just a little bit.” -David Levy, son of the late S Jay Levy.

The economic landscape and job marketplace have changed in recent years, reducing upward mobility and presenting young adults with formidable barriers to obtaining jobs that offer real advancement opportunities. Many of these barriers disproportionately hinder City College students; in particular, the student with a strong work ethic and record of achievement often lacks the networks, cultural background, and financial safety nets that are often critical to securing an entry-level professional position. To address these obstacles and to meet the emerging needs of tomorrow, the S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders was created to be a model professional development program operating concurrently with undergraduate studies.

The S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders selects 60 sophomore and junior City College students with strong academic performance records (top 20% of their respective schools), pronounced career aspirations, and clear ideas of how they will use their fellowships to advance these aspirations. Once selected, the S Jay Levy Fellows receive education, training, and mentorship concerning business culture with an emphasis on ethics in professional leadership. In addition to education, training, and mentorship relationships, fellows learn how to market their professional selves and work experience through meaningful summer internships.

Thanks to the generous support of the Jerome Levy Foundation, we are able to not only provide intensive programming, support, and access to high profile professionals, the Fellowship also provides stipends to students who are in unpaid summer internships. These stipends help us to be accessible and inclusive to qualified students, giving fellows the ability to focus on their career aspirations with fewer financial burdens.

For more information please contact: Lavie Margolin at

The S Jay Levy Fellowship for Future Leaders program was created through the generosity of the late S Jay Levy ’42, a noted economist and strong advocate of policies to improve employment opportunity. 


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