2019-2020 Enrollment Assessment *

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Males: 186

Females :374





African Americans: 57


Hispanics: 171







Class Level

Freshman: 49


Junior: 117

4th year Senior: 142

5th + year Senior: 164







Enrollment Status

Full-time: 373

¾ ths full time:  49

½ time: 73

< than ½ time: 67







Academic Standing

Number of Students in Good Standing: 547




Number of Students who graduated during the Academic Year: 89



15% of 2019-20 enrollment

Source: CCNY Academic Computing Center

SSSP Entering Student Survey


Number of Student Responses: 93


Survey Items


Grade level of Full-time Students :

Freshman 53


Junior 24

Transfer 12







African American 13

Asian 36

Hispanic 36

Caucasian 6

Multi-ethnicity 4








Under 18 years  15

18-20 years 46

20-22 years 15

22-24 y3ars 7

24 and above 8







Type of High School

Public School 83

Private Parochial School 5

Private Independent School 2

Other 4: Overseas: 3,  Brooklyn Education Opportunity Program1







AP Course taken in HS

Spanish 12

English 38

History 39

Mathematics 36

Biology 22

Chemistry 7

Physics 10

Chinese 1

Psychology 5

Statistics 3

Computer Sciences Principles 3

Environmental Sciences 6

Human Geography 2

IB International Baccalaureate  2

Music Theory 1


















Transfer student from

a CUNY community College 13

A CUNY Senior College 4





Academic Major in

Architecture 5

Humanities 11

Sciences 32

Engineering 29

Social Sciences 11

Teacher Education 5










Student Engagement at SSSP.

Survey responses of an overnight trip to Washington DC

Number of Students  : 41

Percentage of students who joined CCNY as freshmen: 70.7%; Percentage of Students who joined as transfers: 29.3%

Percentage of students who joined SSSP as  first-semester freshmen 46.34%, freshmen 7.3%, sophomores 12.2%, juniors 26.8%; transfer students 4.86%

Percentage of students majoring in the Sciences 31%; Social Sciences 31%, Humanities 12.2%, Engineering 24.4%, Education 7.2%

Percentage of students enrolled at SSSP for 1 semester 39.2% , 2 semesters 7.3%, 3 semesters 34%, 4 semesters 4.8%, 5-6 semesters 9.7%

Percentage responses for reason for participation in the trip.

Reasons for Participation
Hear Stories of events and narratives that shaped America 89.47%
Always wanted to see the memorials in Washington 94.4%
Wanted to take a holiday 88.9%
Never been to Washington before 52.63%
Never been on an overnight trip 22.2%
Reasons for joining SSSP
Make new friends 2.44%
Receive tutoring services 29.2%
Receive counseling services 17.07%
Be part of an organization 26.8%
Receive Financial assistance 24.3%

Students’ responses to an Overnight trip, (10-8-2019), to Washington DC

What are your thoughts on the Arlington National Cemetery - The General Lee connection to the Cemetery, The Kennedy grave site, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Change of the Guard Ceremony. What did you like best about these sites. Was there something unexpected that you heard.

I really enjoyed the cemetery and especially the changing of the guard ceremony. The most unexpected part of the cemetery was the ceremony, because I was not aware they did that kind of process. It was peaceful and enjoyable.

I never expected that the Arlington National Cemetery will be so well organized to show the respect toward the soldiers and who done a lot for the country. I like the eternal flames the best because it is so cool and the flame must be flaming so many centuries and it still on that shows so much respect and honor. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard Ceremony was so amazing that take lot patience and strength.

This visit reminded me that we have our freedom because others paid for it. The cemetery was impressively organized. The Change of the Guard Ceremony that takes place every hour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, was a moving experience and something that I had never heard of before, and it also was the part that I liked best about the visit.

Such a place of recounting the history of the people who made history! The Burial grounds consistently have a serious and aware inclination while you are there yet this one is a lot further. You can feel the penance of the people who are covered there. Likewise, go watch the change in protect at the tomb of the obscure trooper. That will transform you and maybe in the long run change your perspective on life.

I liked that the tour guide was giving us an overview of everything we were visiting such as the historical background

The tomb of Unknown Solider is guarded 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. I loved watching the change of the guard ceremony.

The best part was for me was to see the grave of JFK. The unexpected part for me was the changing of guards.

The eternal flame at Kennedy's gravesite that keeps burning because I'm wondering how they keep the fire on throughout the year

It was impressive to me because it was my first time visiting it. Although I have been there 3 times but I haven't gone to the Arlington National Cemetery.

At first glance, I thought the cemetery was going to be overcrowded and left no space for our own thoughts. However, it was the complete opposite. The cemetery was tranquil and deserted which allowed me to observe everything and take in the beautiful atmosphere. I loved hearing about the senators, Supreme Court justices, and the presidents buried in the cemetery. With every grave came along an inspiring and insightful story that illustrated the successful lives of these significant people in history.

The cemetery was very large and had a lot of history behind it. The Eternal Flame was a nice story and sight. The changing of the guard was also very interesting. It was also nice to hear again that one of the tomb of the unknown soldiers is empty but still guarded.

The Arlington National Cemetery was a very interesting place; I never knew there was a cemetery dedicated to soldiers who died in wars. The Kennedy gravesite was particularly interesting because of the eternal flame. It's amazing how long that flame has been lit. While our group was there, we got to witness the changing of the guard ceremony and it was pretty interesting because these guards dedicate their lives to honor the lives of the Unknown Soldier and they take their job very seriously. I think that had to be my favorite part of the Arlington National Cemetery.

I liked the Kennedy grave site most. I felt likr the flame was conveying the message that they burned themselves so that America can shine.

I was not expecting to hear there was an infinite flame in Kennedy's grave site, or since Kennedy said he loved DC so much that he would live there forever, and that's why he's buried there now also I wasn't aware of the Kennedy curse. The change of the guard was something I never learned, and there's a 90% failure rate.

Even though history can be tragic and complicated, it reminds me that those who fight for others are remembered. The tomb of the Unknown Soldier commemorates the martyrs who have died due to war. The change of the Guard Ceremony was very special for me to see. I have never seen anything like that in person. It was showing to know that most people fail to pass the test for becoming one of them. Those guards are volunteering for such hard work, this fact is just amazing!

Prior to this trip, I had never heard of the actual reason as to how the cemetery came about which was created because of the Civil War. During the war there were so many bodies but little time to bury them and not enough undertakers. I also did not know that the cemetery was first an estate that used to belong to Martha Washington's great granddaughter who later married General Lee. Because of General Lee's disappearance Mary Ann could not pay the taxes since only a man could pay so she lost the estate which was later bought at an auction by the government.

What I liked the most was being able to see, in person, how the guards switched positions. It was so intricate and extremely amazing how they guard the cemetery 24/7.

What I liked best about visiting the Arlington National Cemetery was seeing the eternal flame.

The massive grave site allowed me to reflect on the sheer number of fatalities that allowed America to flourish with truly dumbfounded me to my core. In regards to the cemetery, my favorite part was the Kennedy grave and its eternal flame because it signified American pride, something which I hold dear.

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What are your thoughts on the World War II Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, and the Vietnam Memorial. What did you like best about the memorials. What did you learn about the wars, from the memorials, that you did not know before. Was there anything more you would have like to learn about from visiting the War memorials.

I liked the diversity of those memorials, especially the Korean War Memorial that had sketches of people's faces instead of names. I enjoyed our tour guide's explanation of these memorials because I learned and realized that everything is placed very strategically to commemorate those who gave their lives in war.

I like the World War II Memorial the best because it is so beautiful and it look like Greek architecture. I did not know before there was The Korean War Memorial and honoring the soldiers who serve in the Korean war. Vietnam Memorial lot of soldiers names were in the wall and has symbol next to their which is missing or dead.

WWII Memorial was a great reminder of the sacrifices made during WWII. The fountain and the sculptures towards the walls created a beautiful monument. The Korean War Memorial was laid-out in such a way that made the horrors of the war real. The memorial was very moving. Vietnam Memorial- just seeing all those names left me speechless/ the names of the men and women who sacrificed their lives so that we can have one today.

This is an enormous display simple to discover and exceptionally grief sight, an extremely extraordinary remembrance that pays tribute to the Brave people who served in World war II makes you extremely appreciative for what this world has become today. I would like to know more about the soldiers and if they knew that their last day was gonna come to oblivion.

Vietnam War Memorial was interesting as it symbolized the division that war creates

A cross next to a name on Vietnam War Memorial represents that, that person went missing during the war and is still missing

I learned about World War II was fought with the major cooperation of women

I like that I was able to see the different war memorials and learn about different events in history. I learn that the patterns on the wall stand for whether a solider was founded or unconfirmed

I learned a lot about the Korean and Vietnam wars especially when the tour guide talked about the the women were in the war. Also the 3 different races were as statues which shows that the Army was filled of variety of people with different backgrounds.

The war memorials were stunning and the hidden messages within the memorials were creative and thought provoking. In The Korean War Memorial, the sensation of a soldier looking at you despite where you stood was scary and added a feature to that memorial that others did not include. Along the wall of the Vietnam war memorial were roses dedicated to those that perished in the war. These roses made me feel sentimental and had me thinking of the experiences these soldiers endured for the sake of our country. It was interesting learning about female's roles in the war as they're often overlooked however, their roles were acknowledged and demonstrated by the Vietnam Women's Memorial. I only knew that women had participated in the war although, their roles often are not discussed in classrooms. I also learned that most of them served as nurses, saving the lives of thousands of soldiers. I wish we could have had more time in each of the memorials as we were behind on schedule and I had not taken in everything.

I wish we had more time to look through the wall of names and examine some of the scenes on the Korean War Memorial. The statues of the soldiers in the field might have been better enjoyed in the light.

The World War ll Memorial was a lot bigger than I expected it to be, it is made with multiple pillars with names of the states with a huge water fountain in the middle. The Vietnam Memorial was also pretty fascinating since it's a black wall with names on it and statues dedicated to the women and men who served in the war. The Korean War Memorial was something I had never seen before; it consisted of the soldiers in the field staring at everyone and everyone. I could truly feel them looking at me. That aspect of the memorial stayed with me the most. Seeing these memorials really put a face to the number of people who fought in these wars and made me appreciate their bravery.

I felt sorry about the soldiers who returned from the Vietnam war. They were un-welcomed in their own country. It's important to distinguish between right and wrong even if you're serving the country.

I liked how, in the Korean War memorial, no matter where you looked, one of the figures was looking at you. I learned this was the first war the united nation participated in. And in the Vietnam war, there were women who fought, and all races were involved.

The World War II memorial is architecturally beautiful. I am not a fan of war. They bring destructions, famine and loss, however, sometimes we need them to establish rights and justice. I didn't know that the Vietnam war had so much controversies. Most of the time, history erases female contribution. It was about time they remembered the importance of women in war and the Women's memorial just depicts that.

The Vietnam Memorial was very informative and emotional. The Vietnam War was very controversial so there are many mixed emotions and we saw that through the wall. Our tour guide Kelvin told us that many called it the black gash of shame. We learned that the youngest man to fight in the war was sixteen! I saddened to hear that many soldiers were often spit at when they returned.

What shocked me the most was the amount of people that passed away fighting to fix major problems. We were given about 15-20 minutes at every stop to walk around and see the statues. What really took me by surprise was the lengthy wall that had names of thousands of soldiers who had died while fighting. What I found really interesting was as we were walking we saw a group of statues of soldiers who were scattered around the trees with rifles and rain coats on. This was to show how wherever you are, there is a soldier looking at you.

What I liked best about the Korean War Memorial was seeing the statues in the grass. I learned that the main racial/ethnic groups of the soldiers who participated in the wars were Black, White, and Latino.

In my opinion, these war memorials were the best memorials in that they honored, represented, and commemorated those soldiers who went to war. It has become known to me that the making of these memorials have significance just as their symbolism, which I found very interesting. The Vietnam Memorial stood out to me the most as it was the largest and I would like to know why the designers were inspired to re-enact a war scene. 

My thoughts on Presidential Memorials - the Lincoln Memorial, the FDR Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial. What did you learn from each of the memorials. What were the similarities and the differences among the memorials. What was each President known for. Was there anything new that you learned from the visit, that you had never known before. What inscription(s) affected you and why. Which president inspired you.

The Lincoln Memorial was inspiring to me. The duality of the man was demonstrated in his statue: half of his body was calm and relaxed, and the other half was collected and stiff. The Jefferson Memorial was under construction, but once inside of it, it was quite impressive. The writing on the walls of the declarations of the founding geniuses stood out to me. The FDR Memorial Jefferson Memorial

I cherished this spot since this spot is loaded with history that you can really observe, contact and think back and envision. This spot is better then history books and a history class. You can really walk directly through your history. Every one of the landmarks are amazing. The land and area is spotless and wonderful. adored this remembrance. Continuously needed to go here and I wasn't baffled. During the day there are loads of different travelers so its difficult to get an image without heaps of individuals out of sight.

FDR’s memorial statue with a wheel chair was inspiring because it showed that a physical disability should not limit one from taking on a challenging job if that’s the job a person is passionate about

Lincoln was known for leading the U.S. during the world war. FDR was known for the New Deal. Jefferson was known for having children with one of his slaves. He never claimed them as his children, set them free, and showed on the records that they escaped.

Lincoln memorial- Known for the 36 states of the union. It affected me because of the reminder of civil war. FDR memorial-Depicted a great sense of The Great depression. Jefferson memorial: I was pleased to know that the memorial war Managed by national park service.

Each of the memorials represents a message that the presidents left for the United States and known for their sacrifice during a time of crisis. Lincoln was the one that inspires me the most because of his speech on the Gettysburg Address that was empowering and stood with me

Each of the memorials represents a message that the presidents left for the United States and known for their sacrifice during a time of crisis. Lincoln was the one that inspires me the most because of his speech on the Gettysburg Address that was empowering and stood with me

The differences among the 3 presidents is that each president has a major accomplishment, such Jefferson has written the Declaration of Independence, Lincoln has freed slavery, and FDR is the longest serving president in the history of the US and he has saved the American Economics after the Great Depression by having the New Deal. The 3 presidents inspired me because they had a great impact on the USA history.

My favorite memorial was the FDR one and I enjoyed the aspect of his success despite his disability. This inspired me to continue achieving greatness. I also had no idea that he had a disability, I only knew that he had been sick. I enjoyed how the memorial was able to demonstrate each part of his presidency especially his success in bringing the U.S out of the great depression and maintaining a stable government through World War II. Abraham Lincoln's memorial had several examples of symbolism such as the color of the stairs and how they varied from dark to light to represent the people he saved. He was known for abolishing slavery and being completely honest. Another aspect of his memorial I enjoyed was how his right and left sides differed to portray his personality as he was serious and humorous. The Jefferson memorial was heavily based on his love for books which I was able to relate to and it connected to his writing of the Deceleration of Independence. All of the presidential memorials included their inaugural addresses and that was insightful as it allowed me to view the nation's problems through the president's eyes.

It was really interesting to have 4 different sections for FDR's memorial to show each of his sections of presidency. The Lincoln Memorial was lovely. It was fun counting the steps and taking pictures of the monument in view and the statue of Lincoln.

Out of all the Presidential Memorials, I was most excited to visit the Lincoln Memorial because it is the most popular one I had seen in pictures online. I did not expect it to be so big; getting the whole structure in our photos was hard. I really liked how one side of the memorial displayed Lincoln's laid-back side while the other side displayed his more firm side. From the FDR Memorial, I can tell FDR had a huge impact on American history. There were many different parts to the FDR Memorial that showed his life and his leadership. An interesting thing we learned was that FDR was not able to walk during his presidency, and he tried his best to hide it since he did not want to seem weak in front of his people. I think the statue with him in the wheelchair was a very important part of the memorial because it reminds us that even with a disability, you can achieve anything. The Jefferson Memorial was my least favorite because of the president's history regarding slavery.

Jefferson was a slave holder, that's something I learned from the trip. But I liked the Lincoln Memorial most, because his effigy was a blend of both strict and lenient personalities.

I learned the Lincoln center had 36 columns and 87 steps, which refers to his Gettysburg address. One hand was clenched to show he was firm, but his other hand was relaxed to show he was a friendly person as well. I learned Thomas Jefferson brought vanilla ice cream and Mac &cheese to America. And he set his children free but claimed they escaped. I learned FDR had polio and didn't want anyone to know, and took precautionary measures to keep it that way. He was also the only president to served 12 years in office, and they changed the rule to you can only serve as president for two terms (8 years).

President Lincoln lead America during civil war and visiting his memorial was an extraordinary experience. I have seen it on TV and seeing that in-person has been an unforgettable experience. FDR was a strong president known for the New Deal who didn't want to make America feel weak even when he was ill. Except all the negativity of racial politics he was a good president. Jefferson is the author of the Declaration of Independence. All the memorials celebrates the presidents and what they stand for.

I learned a lot from each memorial but FDR's memorial was very surprising to me. I did not know that he was in a wheelchair due to Polio. Many did not know because we would try to hide it which we saw in one of statues as he had a cape large enough to try to hide the wheelchair. Something that stuck with me was how Eleanor Roosevelt was the only female statue in the Presidential Memorial. She is also one out of five female statues in D.C!

All these memorials were amazing to look at. They were gigantic and so intricate. I learned that FDR was the leader who brought the US out of the Great Depression. Lincoln was widely known for signing the Emancipation Proclamation and taking part in the Civil War. Jefferson was best known for his help in developing America.

President Abraham Lincoln was known for ending slavery. President Thomas Jefferson was a slaveholder.

As far as American Presidents, FDR has always been among my most appreciated. These Presidential memorials stayed in my mind due to their effort in portraying their presidencies. Among each memorial, I noticed a trend of largeness, perhaps to represent their grandeur accomplishments in America. I have always dreamed of witnessing first hand the colossal Lincoln statue, and learning the vast amount of symbolism within the statue made me appreciate it further.

What are your thoughts on the Martin Luther King Memorial. What did you learn about the monument. Why was it positioned between the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials. What was the thread that connected the three memorials.  What inspired you about the monuments. What did you hear about MLK that you never heard before.

These were powerful as well, especially the MLK memorial and going through the mountain of hurdles. It was inspiring me for an act of change and societal evolution.

it was positioned between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorial because Jefferson who created the "we the people" and MLK create civil rights movement to prove all people are created equal and Lincoln abolish slavery.

Martin Luther King Memorial was so lifelike. It was positioned between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials, because MLK carried Lincoln's speech's promise as if saying to him "I've got your back" and looking forward to Jefferson presidency.

Once i visited the Dr. Martin Luther King memorial around evening time it's unbelievably sufficiently bright, and I think it was the most ideal approach to see it. The landmark itself is a fascinating idea, from a heap of despondency, a stone of expectation. The statement divider was really my preferred part, extremely motivating.

Because Jefferson owned slaves and Lincoln emancipated them and MLK served as the bridge for black people to gain equal rights

The memorial is based on Martin Luther Kings' "I Have a Dream" speech which was delivered near the steps of Lincoln Memorial in 1963.

I love Martin Luther's memorial, it represented a symbol of liberty from the civil war.

I heard that his family knew that he shouldn't make the trip because they felt that something negative was going to occur, but MLK insisted on going out which led to his assassination

It was my first time visiting it and I liked it. It represents the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and also it placed near Lincoln memorial because it was were he gave the speech and the Great Wall represents that Segregation has ended

His quote about getting over your obstacles impacted me heavily as it serves as a reminder that I should never give up and find ways through my obstacles as depicted by the enormous boulder that is split in half. It was positioned in the center of the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials because Jefferson was one of the most intellectual and intelligent leader of our nation and Lincoln was the person who united this nation that was built upon Jefferson's foundation. Martin Luther King resonated both of these themes through his critical understanding of scholarly work and his struggle to provide equal opportunity for people of color.

It was really inspiring and moving despite it being stone. Definitely unfinished work as we are still not the nation that was promised nor the dream MLK saw.

The MLK Memorial was an interesting fit in between the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorial because MLK Jr. was not a president but he had a tremendous impact on American history. The MLK statue is not really a statue but is a carving of him stepping out the stone. I think this represents the fact that rights for African American in the U.S is an ongoing process. The MLK memorial is placed in between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorial to connect the points in history when MLK Jr. gave his speech at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

I liked the quote inscribed on the monument.

The Martin Luther King Memorial was my favorite memorial we saw. I admired MLK since I was a child, and to stand where he stood during since I have a dream speech was unbelievable. From what I remember, the Martin memorial was between the Lincoln and Jefferson memorial because King wanted what was written in the constitution.

Martin Luther King memorial is very interesting given that it's design is very different than other memorials. It is positioned between Jefferson and Lincoln memorial to link them through the civil war movement and the Declaration of Independence.

The Martin Luther King Memorial was amazing. I have never seen or heard of this memorial. His memorial was positioned between Jefferson and Lincoln's memorial because of Thomas Jefferson involvement in the constitution and Lincoln’s abolish slavery. Martin Luther King Jr. just wanted what the constitution stood for to be actually practiced throughout the United States, for all citizens to be treated as equals.

From peers i learned that Malcolm X doesn't have a statue because he was to radical and wasn't like Martin Luther King. It seems as though he is positioned between Jefferson and Lincoln because they all took part in trying to make a better America. When looking at the statues, what surprised me the most was of how detailed they were.

The Martin Luther King memorial was positioned between the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials because all three men were working together to change the world.

The Martin Luther King Memorial remains in my mind as the most inspiring of the memorials. It become known to me that it was symbolically positioned between of both the Jefferson and Lincoln memorials because Martin Luther led with both of these philosophies of Equality and Honesty. The references made to his speeches, which were represented by the architecture, postulated perseverance and stride, which I found very appealing.

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Please comment on your visit to dinner at the Carmine Italian Restaurant in Washington DC. Please comment within the context of service, the food and the family style layout of the tables and chairs. Were you able to meet and make new friends among your peers.

It was a great atmosphere and the food was very tasty. I formed a friend group at that moment, which I am very thankful for.

I don't like the food because it has tomatoes but garlic bread, eggplant lasagna and chicken was good. I wished the eggplant lasagna came first. yes, I were able to make few friends at dinner table.

Carmine Italian Restaurant service was great and the food was 10/10! The family style layout with the tables and chairs made it a great place to eat and make your new friends.

I love how the restaurant was set up, everybody had their own preference of food on what the liked. The pasta was such a masterpiece, and the eggplant lasagna was something i never tried before. It was kinda humorous because it was a little awkward. People were trying to get to know each other but maybe the weren't used to restaurants like that. It wasn’t your typical eatery place, but it sure made us feel at home.

The restaurant visit was excellent to bond with new people over a delicious meal

I liked the setting, food and the service at the hotel.

I didn't like anything except the chicken breast in the dinner.

It was a nice dinner and got to chat with new people

It was really great and organized. I really liked it, I was able to make new friends and have conversations with each one I meet.

The food was amazing and the staff had been extremely friendly. I enjoyed conversing with my peers while eating a delicious meal. I remember I was sitting with Dr. Thangaraj and she had decided to play a game where we had to recall the names of our peers that we had never met. This allowed me to introduce myself to new people and learn about their experiences as upperclassmen.

Food was wonderful though there were some issues with being able to eat all of it or not- I'm lactose so there were some things I could not eat. And I did have a case of hives from eating a bit of something I didn't realize had dairy in it. Nothing too bad but I wish we had a little more say or knew exactly what we were eating.

The Carmine Italian restaurant in Washington DC was very nice. I really liked the homey atmosphere; it was very welcoming. I got to sit with my friends and made new friends at dinner. The food was amazing and the service was perfect. I like that we got to sit together at a big table which allowed us to talk to each other. Overall, having dinner at Carmine was great.

It was awesome! Yes I did make new friend. Also I got to know Dr. Thangaraj.

I've been to Carmines in New York before and the food was great for the most part.

The restaurant was good, their service was good too. I enjoyed just sitting and sharing a meal with familiar faces.

My visit to the Carmine Italian restaurant was great! I have never been there before but I was told that politicians would come over and eat there. The food and service were great. I was able to speak to other students that I have not seen on campus before.

The Carmines dinner was extremely fun and very helpful. I made friends a freshman, a junior, a senior, and one of the SSSP counselors named Katherine. As we ate, we talked about the trip, school, and many other things. Overall, I really enjoyed the dinner. I love italian food so it made me really happy.

My visit to the Carmine Italian Restaurant was fun. The waiters were nice and provided good services. The food was good. Plus, I was able to meet new people.

To be direct, Carmine Italian Restaurant was the first formal top-notch restaurant I had ever been to. That being said, it was surely once of the best dining experiences I had ever lived. The food and service was of the most formal and professional, which was accented by the beautiful Italian motif. Because this experience was so palpable to our entire SSSP group, I was able to communicate with a lot of my peers by expressing our awe.

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What did you learn from your visit to the African American Museum. Was there anything new that you learned about the history of African- Americans. Can you relate with any of the inscriptions or history that you saw and your background. What was your overall opinion and reaction to your visit to the museum. What were your thoughts and feelings that you can express as you left the museum.

The African American museum was phenomenal and did justice to the horrible history of African American discrimination. The Smithsonian truly laid out all the information and ordered it in a way that made sense.

The African American Museum was like maze that has many information about African American history. it is amazing museum that has interesting facts but could not finish seeing all.

The African American Museum was a world on its own. It was like taking a trip down history to the GREAT impact that African Americans have had in "the paradox of USA freedom". The 5th floor was the most exciting and interactive floor of the museum as it showed the influence that African American culture, art, music, dance has had in many aspects of today's modern art.

It covers old history and current racial issues, achievements, and heritages of different African American symbols, an absolute necessity see that all kids in our instruction framework would learn from.I felt that the floors covering servitude were partaken in a deferential and intelligent way. There is a lot detail sharing the way of the slave exchange and the huge number of individuals affected. It was anything but a simple segment to ingest.

Emit Till’s memorial exhibit was gut wrenching

I was really upset and shocked at the same time. I have read stories about how African Americans were treated in the past but seeing things like the segregated train cart, tents they used to live in, papers which showed how much each individual was worth, made all those stories that I read or heard about real.

I learned a lot of astonishing things I did not know before, mostly about how was the culture of African Americans before colonization.

It was inspiring to see the changes in African American history throughout time and the road to freedom as a process

The African American Museum was impressive to me and the most part that really effected was the teenage who was inhumanly killed Emmett Till. I can relate that oppression happened to African American to the oppression Muslims are facing in the US recently. I really liked the Museum and the arts of it.

This museum was one of my favorite museums that I have ever visited and enjoyed it immensely. The layout of the museum was phenomenal, being divided into historical and modern parts. I learned about the slaves of the past as well as the heroes that defied their government and institutions to provide equality for all. I learned about the impact that Emmett Till had and enjoyed the new learning experience as I had never heard of him before. After visiting the exhibit dedicated to him, I was left with an outburst of sadness and empathy for his family and the others that had perished in a similar manner due to extreme racism. While leaving the museum, I felt as if I was enlightened through the knowledge of these people.

It was a lovely museum. I did not get to see all of it but I loved being able to walk through a train car and a typical home.

The African American museum was one of my favorite places that we visited during our trip. Going in, I did not expect to see so much history displayed in the museum; even though we have 2 hours to explore, I barely got through a fifth of the museum! I knew some things but I did not know them to the depth that the museum displayed. There were many things that never crossed my mind until I visited the museum. I think everyone should visit the museum at least once in their life to truly open their minds to African American history.

Even though I read about it in history class, I never understood the significance of the concept 'black slavery.' When I saw it with my own eyes, it hit me so hard. I was wondering why the black people couldn’t survive when they were being brought to America in slave ships. Seeing the little replica of those ships in the museum, seeing how the people were tied to each other, I lost words for a while. This is the best part of this trip for me.

I didn't learn anything new in the African American museum; it was more of a refresher. I spent most of my time in the lower part, which was the history, and I'm pretty knowledgeable about it, but seeing all of the items, pictures, and videos were surreal and unsettling this actually took place in our country.

I learned a lot. Especially, I was so pleased to see the stories and brief descriptions of feminists movement and female empowerment in general. The Art section in fourth floor was a good experience. There was a lot to consume compared to the very short period of time we had.

The African American Museum was great I believe every student in the United States should visit! It has so much information and it is presented in such an amazing way. We definitely needed more time to explore the museum.

I was in awe after leaving the museum. Reading the stories, watching videos, and looking at the artifacts was all so painful. There were thousands of stories and information on the lives of African Americans. One story that was triggering was of Emmett Till. His story has been heard by many and it has left people in awe and sadness.

I loved the African American Museum. One of the things that I learned from my visit to the museum was that there was a dust bowl that the African slaves used to carry sugar in.

The African Americans Museum was the most impressive in terms of emerging sentiment. Though I can not personally relate, I found myself looking upon the direct and indirect effects African American history has had on me. The layout of the museum had me most impressed however, as the attendees were allowed to submerge themselves in African American history through a slow walking pace, of which definitely left me feeling sympathetic as I left the museum.

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What were your impressions about the Air and Space Museum. What were the interesting aspects of the Museum. Was there anything more you would have liked to learn at the museum.

It was cooling learning about how things fly and learning about rocket. the interesting aspect of the museum was rocket.

This museum was an epic, the most dazzling experience humans on how and when man started to fly and vanquish space. This gallery offers a few instructing materials to get photos, documentaries and even a paying test system. An exceptionally useful encounter for all ages.

I was able to better understand the concepts I learned in my physics classes by engaging with the interactive activities that the museum had.

Loved it! Reconfirmed my love for my major and that my studies applied can go far and do really neat things! Spent most of my time talking about the projects they showed and explaining what I know about them and how they work. Learned a few more things too but I also wished we had more time and that the other half of the museum was open.

I would like to go there again. The museum had many interactive stuff which explained different scientific concepts pretty well.

It was nice. I felt like I am living my childhood again. I have read about the Wright brothers and seeing the artifacts in person took me back to my early age. Maybe inclusion of some modern aspects might make it a bit more vibrant.

Being a Bio major and science enthusiast myself, I had the best experience in the Air and Space Museum. Learning of the progression of our space agencies put into perspective the difficulties we have navigated through as a country. The grand models placed in the museum allowed me to indulge a scientific atmosphere. I learned a variety of things including historic events and their pre-/post effects.

Top of Form

What did you learn from the visit to Capitol Hill. Were you satisfied with the visit. What more would you have liked to see at Capitol Hill.

I wish we had seen more in Capitol Hill, but because it was last minute, I understand. We saw the beautiful rotunda and a sneak peek of the inside. The tour guide there gave a brief description of the aesthetics. I appreciated splitting the group so we could see inside.

i did not visit inside the Capitol hill but I saw it far away and it is so beautiful and great architecture.

Capitol Hall was a good visit. However, we weren't able to see a lot of it. Seeing the inside of the rotunda was incredible. The paintings and murals were so impressive from an architectural and historical standpoint.

This monument was very historical, and this was also the many few that i wanted to go back and take pictures.

The tour of Capitol Hill was fun, to see where the POTUS gets inaugurated into the office

I really loved the artwork we saw and learning about how it all was connected. I would have liked to go on a Hall of Senate Tour.

I liked the Capitol Hill mostly because of the amazing architecture and the monuments inside it.

I was satisfied, but I wish there was more time for the visit there

I learned about the art design it had inside and all related to the US history. We were also able to see where the congress and president offices are.

The capitol building was stunning. The interior had paintings and designs that were 200 years old. An interesting aspect of the architecture and paintings were the differing perspectives portrayed through the paintings.

The Capitol Hill visit was also one of my favorites mostly due to the architecture of the building. Not only was the exterior very beautiful but the interior was as well. We got to visit the dome that's in the center of the building and view all the important paintings and statues. In the future, I would like to see different areas of Capitol Hill.

I liked the idea that the first president is watching us from heaven.

I really enjoyed my visit to Capitol Hill. The building was beautiful! I wish we were able to see more of the inside we were only able to see the rotunda. But being there was surreal, we were actually in the area where politicians come and make important decisions.

I was super excited to come to the Capitol Hill because I have always seen photos and seen it on TV and being able to see it in person brought a smile to my face. Inside the dome were many statues and paintings of an important time in history. Having the tour guide take us around and explain what was going on was extremely amazing.

I learned that the Capitol Hill building was built in the 1700s. I was satisfied with my visit to Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately due to a last minute decision split, I was not able to attend the visit to Capitol Hill. I definitely felt somewhat regretful, however the Air and Space Museum most definitely made up for it.

Top of Form

Please comment on the overall trip to Washington. Please comment within the context of the selection of location, the bus trip, the itinerary, the hotel accommodations and the meals.

I thought it was a fantastic trip and gift to SSSP students. I really enjoyed this mini getaway and how much we saw for the limited time we were there. The hotel was very good as well. The organization of the trip was great too.

The trip to Washington was a great experience for me and I enjoyed it. Everything fulfilled my expectations and even went beyond them such as the hotel accommodation and the free included meals.

I really enjoyed this trip with some much admiration. There was so much to expect that it became unexpected. The bus driver was very respectful and kind, and she made the driver secure and safe. The hotel felt as if i started my own life for the first time. The meals were made with perfection, both lunch and breakfast.

Everything was perfect! Wish we had a bit more time.

It was Amazing.

I enjoy the trip overall, but I wanted to see the Smithsonian Institution and that we didn't have a long delay on our way to D.C because it was rushed when we went to the Arlington Museum

The trip was so amazing I loved it! I made friendships, my roommate was really sweet and friendly. I had fun and enjoyed the food the walking and everything. Regardless the exhaustion of walking a lot and sitting for a long time.

The trip overall was an amazing learning experience and I enjoyed every aspect of the trip. I wish we had gone to the Holocaust museum although, the other parts of the trip had compensated for that. The African American museum was my favorite due to the fact that it was so rich with information and was perfectly balanced.

Washington had a lot to offer but it was a little lacking in stem subjects. A lot of it is the light history that we already learned in school which I was more than happy to continue talking about and discuss though often was not able to because most of my peers did not remember nor really appreciate the effect or influence these people may have had or still have which is why they do or do not deserve their monuments/memorials.

Our trip to Washington DC was a really good experience. Not only was it fun to go to a new city but it was also educational. All the memorials and monuments we visited were interesting to learn about. The itinerary was filled with many different locations so it was sure to satisfy everyone's expectation. Not only that, but being able to stay overnight and do it again the next day, was also very good. For some of us, it was our first time staying away from home so it definitely a good experience to have. Overall, the trip met all my expectations and I hope to have similar trips in the future.

Everything was beyond our expectation. Thanks to the chaperones who worked so hard to make our trip successful.

Overall the trip to Washington was wonderful the itinerary was great we got to see the most of the sites. Also the meals were great and fair with the choices (non meat, meat)

The overall trip to Washington was PERFECT. It could not have gone any better. There were no issues with anything. The bus trip went smoothly, the itinerary and hotel choice were great choices. Even though I did not need accommodations for food others did and I saw that alternatives were provided.

Everything that is listed above was really really great. I had a good sleep on both the bus ride and the hotel. I have also never been to Washington DC so having the opportunity to go with SSSP was amazing. Also, the best meal that I had throughout this trip was Carmines. I've never tried it before and I know I'll be going back to the one in the city sometime soon.

My overall trip to Washington was great. I liked the location of the trip. I enjoyed the bus ride; I was satisfied with the itinerary, the hotel accommodations, and the meals. The hotel was nice and so was the room. I liked what we were given for breakfast.

I felt that this Washington trip was very well structured and organized, considering how potentially hectic scheduling could have been. Washington DC was a beautiful selection for excursion and while I believed the ride going and returning rather long, I still found it enjoyable. The hotel accommodations were definitely up to par in allowing us to rest comfortably and adaptabilily. The availability of meals allowed us to regenerate for the great itinerary we had planned.

Please comment on how you were affected by the experience of an overnight trip, with peers, within the context of your college experience at SSSP and CCNY.

It affected me positively because I thought of this trip as a form of self-care. I learned so much about American history and made some long-lasting friends. It was a great experience.

it was great overnight trip but i wish could had more sleep. the breakfast was so good, I like it!!!!!

This was the first overnight trip that I took with SSSP and CCNY and was very impressed by everything. I was able to make new friends, and get to know so much about the history of USA as a recent immigrant.

It was such a family vibe. All the students that participated in the program to attend this trip made it feel like an actual class. I never felt so close with students before, and i wish to see them again.

Gained new friends and got closer to my advisor

I have never been on an overnight trip before without my family. So, it was nice, since I was able to spend more time with my friend and met a lot of new people.

I made a lot of friends all around the bus.

I like the opportunity to go for a trip without my parents because I usually occupied myself with school work, laptop, but going on the trip allow me to unwind and connect with my friends and classmates which was fun since we have different schedules

It was excellent and my roommate and I had a lot of fun. I learned new things and visiting new places. Actually the Hotel was really nice, clean and organized.

One of the best aspects of the trip was the mixture of students. There was no one dominating group and we were allowed to share our experiences with each other and learn from them. When speaking to upperclassmen almost all of them had told me of things they regretted doing in the past or things they wish they had done when they were younger. This allowed me to think about my future and plan ahead meanwhile, taking their experiences and advice into careful consideration.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip. I really enjoyed my first time going on an overnight trip. I did not meet my roommate until we got to the hotel and it was hard to hear any announcements made because we were so far back in the bus. Overall, aside from the slight parading with the signs some of the students received which made me very uncomfortable- I'm not very vocal about my political opinions so being grouped with loud voices which are also seen by others in the area we were visiting as quite ignorant because of our age, it was definitely not what I was expecting. I do not like making such statements because it inspires a divide that should not define our opinions and views of the people behind them- whether they do indeed support them or otherwise.

This was my first time doing an overnight trip relating to academics. It was really a new experience since I got to talk to so many new people and even room with someone I had not known prior to the trip. I genuinely enjoyed this type of experience and hope to have something like this in future trips if possible.

I am more likely to attend any conference or trip to other states now. Just to explain further, I don't like to travel that much. So usually I avoid trips.

My roommate and a friend we made throughout had many intellectual conversations throughout the trip about the history of America and the justice system. I always liked getting to know people and where they came from, so the bus rides to the sites were insightful. I was deeply affected, it made me I want to travel to other countries and look at their museums and learn about their history, as I saw/meet people from different countries who came to D.C.The trip was so informative than reading any textbook.

The trip has been a memorable one, something that will stay evergreen in my memory.

This overnight trip was an amazing experience. I was able to travel with students from my college like me have never been to Washington D.C. I was able to see new faces and talk to them, some even the same major as me! I met students from different majors as me and had great talks. I was able to relate to fellow social sciences majors in a setting that was not our busy packed campus. We were able to actually talk since we did not have to rush to class or go to the library.

It was a great experience overall. The bus ride to Washington was smooth and comfortable. I had a great time going on this trip with the friend I made at City College. I was also very appreciative of this trip because I made new relationships with nice people.

Going to Washington was a fun. It was nice to get out of New York for a couple of days. I was a little nervous about socializing with the other students.

Those past few days of the overnight trip made me realize that I am very lucky to have found the SSSP and to have enrolled in CCNY. This trip allowed us students to individualize ourselves while still being handled under supervision in case of doubts. I was able to make friends and meet a variety of peers, an experience of which I will always be thankful for.

Top of Form

Comment on the student engagement that you enjoyed with other students, and staff during the trip. Were you satisfied with the time available to visit the sites, express your opinions, and the guided tour. Is there anything that you would include or change for future trips.

I wish the trip was a bit more time managed, but I still feel that we saw and learned a lot. I believe a lot of the students enjoyed it, as me and my friend group did. The staff did a great job of regulating all the students, and the tour guide was prompt in all his information.

I enjoyed the trip but at night I could not see the Korean war and Vietnam memorial very well. I suggest that no night guide tour. Some people can have problem seeing well at the night. Seeing the World War II Memorial at the night is good thing because it look more beautiful at night. But, some things looks better at night and some don't.

The staff was incredible. Other students were very interesting to talk to and we made some new friendships. The tour guide stood out to me for his professionalism and dedicating to his job. I really enjoyed this trip and look forward to other ones!

The tour guide was such a gentleman. He explained everything in an educational way, and it seemed as if he knew his history from background.

Thanks to SSSP for facilitating such an amazing trip! Couldn't have asked for anything better

I was satisfied with the time spent at each site.

Everything was good but I just wish next time to have a selection on whom to pick.

I wish there were more time for us to go explore on our own

Frankly, everything over all was really great, all of us were very engaged in everything. We had fun and our tour guide was helpful and knowledgeable. Staff were really organized and treated us nice and kindly.

Before the trip, I was worried sick thinking about being with a group of strangers that I had never met. However, something told me that it was going to be worth it and it was. During the trip, I was never alone and was one of the most social students. I had realized that I was so afraid of nothing really because I was able to socialize with all of my peers efficiently and even strengthened by bond with peers that I knew from other parts of CCNY. Our tour guide was knowledgeable and seemed to know everything about the ins and outs of Washington DC.

I did think that the student and staff interactions were good. There was a fair mix of all majors I believe but it also seemed that the groups formed and weren't really open to new people which I assume is typical of our commuter campus but still quite sad. Hopefully more of these trips will help change that!

Throughout the trip, I got to talk to many different students as well as staff members. It was interesting to hear their thoughts about the memorials and monuments we visited. The guided tour was an essential part of learning about the places we visited. It was a really great addition to the trip. I was thoroughly satisfied with all the things I got to see and learned about.

Yes. I am very satisfied with my overall experience.

I wish we stayed at the sites longer. I would love for the trips to be longer so the students can have time to explore around freely, but of course, the trip was paid for, and I'm grateful for those two days.

The chaperons, Ms. Ponnuraj and Ms. Thangaraj have been very caring towards us all. I met new people from various interest groups. Given it was an overnight trip, I think we have seen quite a lot.

This overnight trip is a trip I know I am never going to forget. I have never been to Washington D.C and it is because of my low income situation, I would not have been able to afford it. As a college student I do not think I would have been able to go any time soon either. Thanks to SSSP I was not only able to go to Washington D.C but I got to spend the night and really see almost all of Washington D.C with a tour guide! The SSSP staff did an amazing job looking after us I felt comfortable and safe with them. My peers were great we stuck together and had fun. I am just so thankful for this experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed this trip and had a great time with a new friend that I made at City College. We took many videos and photos together to save for memories. Also, the tour guide was extremely nice enough to take us to different parts of Washington DC and explain each stop with detail.

Even though I was slightly nervous about socializing with the other students, I'm glad that I met some new people on the trip. I was satisfied with the time we had to visit the sites and everything. I liked our tour guide, too.

My experiences shared with new-made friends were extremely entertaining. The staff was very friendly and experienced us to new thoughts. Overall, the SSSP Washington DC excursion has been one of the most amazing and educational trips I have ever been attended and I sincerely hope to be invited to further trips. For the future, I also hope to be a part of this program in a more critical way, allowing both SSSP and I, as a student, to benefit.

How has SSSP affected your academic and personal success at CCNY

It has positively impacted my academic and personal success, especially because of the counselor. She truly helped me with personal and academic issues and treated me more as a friend than a statistic.

This is my first semester as a SSSP student member and so far it has been a great experience.

It made a educational impact because i really didn’t know my direction. I would like to reach new expectations to achieve my goals.

SSSP has helped me stay on track. My counselor has played a critical role in my college career.

Tutoring helps me understand the material I am struggling with and allows me to do better in my classes

It gave me a lot of academic assistance.

The personal support from a counselor was beneficial because I have more time to chat and discuss my plans compare to the one at my academic division

Currently, I have only been a member of SSSP for a short time therefore, have not fully taken advantage of all the benefits that comes with SSSP. Although, the trip provided me with a learning and socializing experience that will aid my time here in CCNY.

Additional help interns of finance and academic

 like the tutoring program and think that the workshops are nice for freshmen to learn what our school has to offer.

SSSP provided me with a great academic advisor who has helped me tremendously in my academic life.

SSSP is an amazing opportunity that I am thankful to be a part of. It has been extremely helpful and beyond informative that it has helped me join more clubs, make new friends, talk to someone when I am in need of help, etc.

SSSP helped me to learn about how I can become involved in my college. I also learned that I can come to counselor if I'm having personal issues.

Recently, SSSP has allowed me to share experiences with peers I most likely would have never met. I am thankful for their ability to presenting these experiences to me.


Demographic and Persistence/Graduation Statistics of SSSP students in Academic Year 2017-18[1]

Number students


Gender %

Male=30%, Female= 70%

Ethnicity %

Hispanics 27.3%, African Americans =24.2%, Asians=35.4%, White=10.2%

Grade levels at end of year %

Freshmen 0.3%, sophomores 13.9%, Juniors 20.4%, seniors 58.4%


>24 credits=63.3%, 18-23 credits=12.7%, 12-17credits=13.1%, <12 credits=10.2%

% of students in majors in divisions in fall 2017

Archi.=0% Colin Powell=26%,CWE=.08%, CUNYBA=1.2%, Educ.=5.8%, Engineering=20.7%, Hum.=11.8%, Science=25.4%, Undecided=6.1%%

Persistence rate 16-17 to 17-18                                       


Good Academic Standing rate


Six-year SSSP entering cohort graduation rate in 17-18



[1] DOE Annual  Performance Report 2017-18,

2015-2016 SSSP Entering Student Survey Results

Tutoring summary report for 2015-16[1] Dates covered 9/8/15-7/27/16

Number of students

163 unique students

Total Visits to ARC(Academic Resource Center)

1723 visits

# of 1-on-1 content visits/1-on-1 writing visits

1223 (71% of students)/218 visits ( 13%)

Average number of visits to the ARC


Gender/Ethnicity of students (%)

M=31%, F=69%/ African-American=30%, Asian=27%,Hispanic=21%, White 12%

Grade level of students (%)

Freshmen=9%, Sophomore=18%, Juniors=32%, Seniors=40%

Content Courses Tutored

CHEM103-4,261,263,251; PHYS.203-4,207-9;BIO 101-2,206,229;MATH 180,195,201-5,391-2,346,375; PSY254,215; ECO 102-103, 202; MUSIC 132; ENGR 276;CSc 102;EAS 106; ANTH 101; Writing assignments


[1] Advisor trac .

  1. Visits Overview

Dates Covered: 9/12/16-12/21/16

Total Visits to ARC



Visits for Tutoring (inclusive)



1-on-1 Content Tutoring



1-on-1 Writing Tutoring



Group Tutoring



Independent Study



Study Groups



Computer Lab



Unique Students Who Visited



Students Who Visited >3 Times



Average Visits Per Student



Center Usage and Demographics























American Indian



Blank / Non-Specific



Academic Class














Tutoring Attendance (excludes walk-ins and non-tutoring visits

Appointments Attended


Average Attendance


Cancelled by Tutor


Cancelled: Withdrew from Course


E-Tutoring Service (remote writing consultations



Students Served


  1. Mentoring at ARC

Mentoring Consultations


Students Served


  1. Grand Totals for ARC

Instances of Service


Students Served


Average Service Instances Per Student


  1. Advising (dates covered: 8/29/16 to 1/20/17)


























CCNY/SSSP Advising Satisfaction Survey Results Fall  2014 and 2016


Major:              Humanities 17% : Social Sciences 34% : Sciences26% : Engineering26% :

Graduation Date: June 2016 68% ,September  2016: 23 %

Plan to attend Graduate/Professional School: Within 12 months 50  %;  Two years 36 %

  Accepted to a Graduate Schoo1 0 % , Accepted to a Professional School  0%Received an offer for Professional Employment  36

Member of SSSP more than 5 semesters 21%:  Joined CCNY in 2011 34.8% :, in 2012 39.13%: 2014:13%

Joined CCNY as a:    Freshman 69%; Transfer30%

Joined SSSP as a: Freshman 25% Sophomore 21%, Junior30.4%, Transfer17.39%,

At CCNY did youParticipate in club activities 90 % ,   Attend a Conference  45%,     Study Abroad 9%,  Participate in Research Activities with a faculty member 59 %,  Serve as intern during the summer /semester  63.4% ,   Participate in a Service Learning Project 22 %,   Present a Paper or Poster at a Conference 45 %

AT SSSP Services Participated in:   Counseling73 % ,  Tutoring 75%, Career Workshops26 % ,  Financial aid Workshops52 %, Stress  Management and Test Anxiety Workshop 39% , , Cultural Diversity Program 17% Student Presentations26% : Scholar Showcase26%

Received Tutoring as a   Freshman17% , Sophomore 30.4 % , Junior 52%   Other   Tutoring 39% .

Most important reasons for visiting the counselor: Academic Advisement  54% Financial Advisement 22%   Career Advisement 31%, Personal Counseling26 %, Recommendation letters 27 %

At CCNY Time spent each week: Attending classes11-15 hrs 34% ,Studying: 11-15 hours:27%, Research 0-5hrs;36% ,Socializing with peers :0-5hrs 40%, working:0-5hrs:21% ,House hold chores 6-10hrs 39%

Highest degree intended: Bachelors: 4.5%; Masters 27%; PhD 31%; MD 27%; JD 9%

How has SSSP affected your academic success at CCNY

Memorable moments at  CCNY

Memorable moments at SSSP

Through the SSSP workshops I have learned to manage my time wisely and control my stress level. These workshops have improved my academic and personal success at CCNY

My most memorable experience at CCNY was actually the change of mindset. Coming in from a high school where science was not its focus to a College where it is heavy on the sciences definitely made me challenge myself. I was having academic struggles in the sciences where I had had to retake a class to prove to myself i had the potential to do better. I am not one to have many friends, although i am very social I chose to have few close friends, those friends have helped me overcome many of my struggles by motivating me and even taking their time to tutor me.

My most memorable experience at SSSP was my counselor Ahalya i met her my senior year. I need guidance and someone to talk to about a level of problems that where only bringing me down as time passed by. She helped me tackle all those problems individually and turn my semester around getting the grades i wanted.


There has been too much for me to choose one.


SSSP helped shaped the beginning of my undergrad experience. I always felt that I could go to my counselor to solve and problems.

The winter dinners where the students showcase their talents

being part of the leadership society at SSSP

Through the many tutoring sessions and advice offered from the peers and counselor.

Becoming active in a professional society.

Forcing myself to attend tutoring sessions and then always realizing they were helpful after.

Helped me stay focused in terms of my academic

Joining SSSP

Having a counselor that I can approach easily


Taking Organic Chemistry 1 and realizing that Chemistry was not what I wanted to major in

Mentoring students through the Zitrin Peer Mentor Program, and contributing to giving them a sense of belongingness and motivation

How has SSSP affected your academic success at CCNY

Memorable moments at  CCNY

Memorable moments at SSSP

SSSP has given me the support and financial resources to succeed, and graduate on time!

Studying abroad in Argentina and being a part of the Partners for Change Fellowship.

Being a mentor for freshmen and transfer students. I felt like I was really helping the mentees.

Helped me with funding to support my studies

Community support

Financial Support

SSSP has enabled me do much better academically because of their helpful tutoring.

My most memorable experience at CCNY is being able to work at the Psychology department.

My most memorable experience at SSSP has been being able to be a mentor for great students and making friends.

SSSP has providing me with extra help that I needed, from tutorng and academic counseling sssp has made my college experience easier

Professor Crain (Psych department) becoming my mentor for CUNYBA

Academic Counseling

Kept me focused on academic goals and provided guidance on how to achieve them. Katherine also gave me valuable information of research opportunities.

Haven’t really done anything exciting at CCNY... I've just worked and attended class all the time.

The scholar showcase


finding friends


To be frank, I only met with my counselor one time. Reason being, I needed financial assistance. I was sent to apply for financial assistance through the health center and I never heard from my counselor ever since.

I would say studying at Stanford University with my cohort who are also City fellows/students. This was one of the best experiences of my life.

I do not recall

It has been a vital resource to me over the years.

Meeting new people and getting to know them better.

Experiencing the camaraderie in the tutoring center and also providing academic assistance to those who needed it.

Helped out a bit.



How has SSSP affected your academic success at CCNY

Memorable moments at  CCNY

Memorable moments at SSSP

SSSP has provided me with valuable resources throughout my 5 years at CCNY. I have received support, mentorship, and positive feedback that has made me stay on track.

Competing in the Zahn Centers Innovation Startup Competition.

Evelyn Cruz's words of wisdom and motherlike instincts.


lavender week

meeting a peer mentor

Tutoring others have really built my confidence level and me to grow as a person.

Being the VP of Women in Islam.

Tutoring my fellow peers.

It stimulated my interest in different things other than science

Being a part of GlobeMed at CCNY