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Counseling/Academic Advising

Student Support Services Program (SSSP)

Counseling/Academic Advising

2015-16 Counselors and Zitrin Peer Mentors
All students are assigned a counselor who serves as their adviser and advocate until graduation. Counselors provide academic, career, financial aid, and personal counseling in one-on-one meetings with students.


Academic Counseling

Includes program planning, course selection and registration, monitoring academic progress, providing tutoring referrals, and assisting with graduate and professional school admissions.


Career Counseling

Includes providing guidance on majors and careers, and making referrals to career placement services.


Financial Aid Counseling

Includes advising on eligibility requirements and assisting with applications for stipends, scholarships and grants.


Personal Counseling

Includes assisting with strategies to resolve personal issues that may affect academic progress. If needed, referrals will be made to psychological counseling services and/or to the Counseling Center at the college.


To ensure the best possible service, counselors see students by appointment. To schedule an appointment, consult your counselor.  You may check your upcoming appointments or, depending on the counselor, make new appointments by logging in to Advisotrac.