Counseling/Academic Advising

Maximum Student Success drives all the services of the Counseling/Academic Advising unit. All students are assigned a counselor who serves as their adviser and advocate until graduation. Counselors provide academic, career, financial aid, and personal counseling in one-on-one meetings with students. Counselors also hold orientation sessions for new students entering the Program each semester. Students receive an Academic Planner each semester to monitor their academic and extra-curricular activities, and attendance at seminars, internships, and workshops, at SSSP and across CCNY. All students complete and Academic Program plan that delineates and charts the courses and academic progress requirements, from time of entry into SSSP to graduation. Counselors recommend students for graduate school, job applications, internships, and housing.

Counselors collaborate closely with the Career Professional Development Institute to ensure that all the students are participating in CPDI career related activities.

SSSP, in April and May 2020, held special on-line workshops to inform students about internship opportunities and what is involved in choosing a Graduate School for enrollment into a masters or doctoral program. An on-line Town Hall of services was held on May 3.

Here are the links to you-tube videos.

The Path to Graduate School

The video on a summer internship is entitled Summer Bridge Program

Video of  the Town Hall for students by the SSSP Team on you-tube

In June 2020, SSSP sponsored Professional Career Seminars led by CCNY/SSSP alums. Students learned from the career trajectories, of these successful alums, beginning from their experiences as freshmen to their current rising professions.

Professional Careers Mentoring Seminar -1 on Health Related Fields and National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Washington. Alums Sahista Kapadia, student at Turo Medical School, and Edward Sarfo, IRTA Fellow at NIH. The video link for the recorded seminar is given.

Professional Careers Mentoring Seminar-2 on Math Education, Bilingual Education, Social Sciences and Mental Health. Alums Jian Liu (CCNY Great Grad) NYC Department of Education, and Noorulain Sherazi, NYC Department of Mental Health, presented their career trajectories, successes and setbacks. The video link for the recorded seminar is given.

Academic Counseling

Includes program planning, course selection and registration, monitoring academic progress, providing tutoring referrals, and assisting with graduate and professional school admissions. They hold individual, small and large group sessions on; academic planning and policies; students on probation; mid semester evaluation of academic progress; and pre-registration advisement. Students learn of the General Education Requirements for undergraduates. They also learn about Pathways the General Education requirement that all students admitted to CCNY, and CUNY, are required to complete to earn an undergraduate degree.They are made aware of the Policies for Academic Standing and standards for undergraduates. For answers to general information on academic policy related questions check out CCNY Advising.


Career Counseling

Includes providing guidance on majors and careers, and making referrals to career placement services. Freshmen and sophomores who are undecided about their major are strongly urges to participate in the Career Exploration Program offered by CPDI. Transfers, sophomores and juniors are urged to seek internships by participating in CPDI's Finding an Internship Program. Counselors faciltiate student panel discussions for freshmen and sophomores to guide them  as they enter major disciplenes and fields. They provide students with information on scholarships, internships, study abroad opportunities, fellowships and research opportunities. Seniors attend a group workshop on the Pathways to doctoral program that discusses time committment, schools that are within reach for Phd programs and funding available. All students are encouraged to use CPDI's Job Search database to learn about job opportunities, current salaries and career alternatives.


Financial Aid Counseling

Counselors work closely with CCNY's Office of Financial Aid  to ensure students are receiving full financial aid if they qualify for it. They also advise students on academic eligibility requirements and assist with applications for stipends, scholarships and grants. Information on details of Financial Aid packages to students - the Cost of Attendance, Unmet Need and Federal and State Awards, College aid etc. are discussed with individual students and in group sessions.


Personal Counseling

Includes assisting with strategies to resolve personal issues that may affect academic progress. If needed, referrals will be made to psychological counseling services and/or to the Counseling Center at the college. Students facing undue stress due to loss of family members, health related issues, sexual harrassment, or mental health issues are promplty referred to the Counseling Center at CCNY for immediate action.

To ensure the best possible service, counselors see students by appointment. To schedule an appointment, consult your counselor.  You may check your upcoming appointments or, depending on the counselor, make new appointments by logging in to Advisotrac.