Current Students








Syed Rizvi

Biomedical Engineering Major

Research Assistant at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)

My name is Syed Rizvi. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan and due to harsh and extreme circumstances my family decided to move to United States of America. So, in 2006, I came to New York with little grasp on the English language. With the help of teachers and my new friends in elementary school I quickly picked up on the English. In high school I played many sports and joined clubs which helped me decide on what career path I need to take and what to do about my future. Highschool also gave me the idea of my likes and dislikes in terms of subject. I would be exceptional in math and science but realized that I was not so great in English and History. I also want to make a difference in the world by helping the people in need. When I got accepted into City College of New York (CCNY) I decided to purse a degree in Electrical Engineering but changed to Biomedical Engineering because I want to help cure diseases and help patients without limbs for that I do need to know medical aspect. A big part of becoming an engineer is one needs experience which is why I first decided to federal work study at Student Support Services Program (SSSP). SSSP helps students at CCNY who struggle whether it be in academics or financial troubles. From there they also made me part of their SSSP community. I learned how to manage data and help set up materials for their upcoming events. After five months of working there I decided to work at Dr. John M. Tarbell’s lab, Biomedical Engineering professor at CCNY. There his research assistant, Dr. Limary Cancel taught me various lab techniques to so I know how to perform hands on work and gain some practical experience. Then I applied for summer program at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC) and got accepted into a nanotechnology program under Dr. Michelle Bradbury’s lab. At Dr. Bradbury’s lab we used nanoparticles for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes for cancer. I am currently working there as of right now and with knowledge I learn and seek here I can use that to hopefully one day solve to diseases. I am pursing a bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering along with a minor in Chemistry.


Chantelle Levy

Computer Science Major

Grove School of Engineering

A computer science undergraduate in the Grove School of Engineering, Chantelle is always fired up by curiosity, community, and dissatisfaction with the status quo. This year alone, she interned at Facebook for the Spring semester, NBCUniversal for the summer, started a cybersecurity organization called CitySec at CCNY, and became a research assistant in the Center of Internet Networking and Telecommunications (CINT). At Facebook, she interned on the Operations team where she worked on third party security and access management with her team and security engineering in a six-week bootcamp with Codepath University. Similarly, her internship at NBC was also security-based where she worked on the Identity and Access Management team to help build a roll out plan for a privileged access management solution. These internships set the stage for future cybersecurity career opportunities and options for potential roles she can fill once she graduates. Although the lack of diversity discourages Chantelle from time to time, she realized that ignoring thoughts of being an imposter in the field and stepping out of her comfort zone brought more opportunities than disappointments. Taking on the roles of a chapter founder and president of a few organizations spanning from engineering to cybersecurity, Chantelle has fostered collaboration and inclusion amongst her peers and provided opportunities to increase the visibility of her community’s potential. Her involvement in SSSP, presenting projects she's worked on and mentoring students new to CCNY's campus culture, has built relationships with her peers that align with her passions and urged deeper discussions on the topic of computer science.




Kevin C. Gonzalez, BE

SSSP Graduate

Kevin Gonzalez is a rising senior majoring in biology. In January, he applied and received acceptances to research programs at Rockefeller University, Johns Hopkins University and Harvard Medical School. On the advice of several faculty professors from CCNY's Biology Department, he decided to spend his summer at Harvard and participate in the Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program (SHURP). There, he works in the lab of Dr. Lisa Goodrich in the Department of Neurobiology. Their lab studies the molecular mechanisms underlying neural circuit assembly in the cochlea and retina to determine how neurons acquire their unique functions and how they connect and synapse to their appropriate targets. Kevin was paired with Dr. Evelyn Aviles, a post-doctoral fellow in the lab, and together they will be studying the roles of various transmembrane proteins on retinal lamination. On campus, Kevin works in the lab of Dr. Mark Emerson, an assistant professor in the Biology Department. Here, he studies the transcriptional events that lead to the birth of particular cell types in the eye. In addition to that project, he also works with Dr. Miruna Ghinia, a post-doctoral fellow in the lab, using CRISPR/Cas9 to study the roles of crucial transcription factors in retinal development. Kevin has presented his research at some of the top conferences in the nation, including the 2017 New England Science Symposium at The Joseph B. Martin Conference Center at Harvard Medical School and the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS). In the future, Kevin hopes to earn a PhD in Neuroscience. 



Weston Scholar, CUNY Corps Cultural Intern

Maryam Hinson is an English literature major with a double minor in psychology and sociology. Originally a biology major on the premed track, Maryam changed her major her sophomore year, when she found her interest in the legal field during an internship at the Kings County District Attorney’s Office. Ever since then, Maryam has been doing internships. She is currently in the CUNY Cultural Corps, working at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. She is also in the Weston Program,, working in the Dispute Resolution program at John Jay College. Maryam will pursue a career in law. She plans to take off a year after graduation to take the LSAT and apply to law school.



SSSP Award Winners for 2016-17


The Charlotte and Arthur Zitrin Peer Scholar Award                       

(2014-15)                                              (2015-16)                                (2016-17)

Eseosa Aiwerighene                           Zunxu Tian                              Fathima Nashra Naushad               

Sahista Kapadia                                  Jasmin Torres                          Jiahua Li               

Percy Casani                                        Zhiying Zhu                             Adantchede Zannou

Sara Seweid                                         Babatunde Alade                   Mariya Considine

Matthew P. Rosario


Outstanding Academic Achievement (Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 - 4.00 and 45+ credits)

Jennifer Acevedo           Poli. Sci.

Kaisa Ajaye                    English

Amall Ali                          Biology

Jania Begum                  Math

Deja Bell                         Psychology

Ethan Bendau                Physics

Brittany Blake                 Communications

Alberto Caicedo             Elec Des & Multimed

Aijie Chen                       Computer Science

Ting Chen                        Bilingual Childhood Educ.

Jackson Chen                 Biology

Siu hin Cheung              Civil Engr.

Mio lan Chou                  Psychology BA

Mariya Considine          Music

Cassandra Da silva      Childhood Edu.

Edwin Detrinidad           Romance Lang.

Isaias Diaz                       ILASCWE

Anthony Diaz                  Computer Science

Khadeeja Din                 Computer Science

Dane Fearon                  Chem Engr.

Katherine Ferreras        Chemistry

Chen Gao                       Mechanical Engr.

Leidy Gomez                  Bilingual Childhd Educ.

Cynthia Gonzales          Childhood Edu.

Kevin Gonzales              Biology

Kazi Hossain                   Biology

Rezwon Islam                 Electrical Engr.

Jose Jimenez                  Psychology

Kristina Kalamkeridis    Undeclared

Ayesha Khan                  Biology

Kashaf Khatri                  Psychology

Jiahua Li                          Electrical Engr.

Adiba Mahmud               Childhood Edu.

Shakira Maldonado       Childhood Edu.

Amayrani Martinez         Poli. Sci.

Timothy McGhee            Anthopology

Aqib Muneer                   Biology

Ajay Nampiaparampil   Computer Science

Nashra Naushad           Geology

Bilha Njuguna                English

Heeseung Park             Computer Science

Anisia Peters                 Biology

Guerlande Ponyon       Childhood Edu.

Rafiul Prodhan              Mgmt & Admin.

Melody Gonzalez          Psychology

Md Rahman                   Mechanical Engr.

Alondra Ramos             Art

Johanelli Ramos           Anthopology

Krystal Ramroop           English

Daniel Reid                    Communications

Mantas Rodzevicius     Economics

Jasmin Romero             Childhood Edu.

Christine Rozario          Biology

Marjorie Saavedra        Electronic Dsg. &Mmd.

Edward Sarfo                 Biotechnology

Ahmad Shamulzai         Biochemistry

Muhammad Shabbir     Undeclared

Abdoulaye Sidibe          Sociology

Kareem Soliman            Computer Science

Naomi Sukram                Poli. Sci.

Rania Tamimi                  Undeclared

Zulfiyakhon Tashpulatova  Psychology

Pamela Tenesaca          Psychology

Chabeli Terrero              Psychology

Teddy Theodore            Communications

Shayne Thomas            Philosophy

Zunxu Tian                     Biology

Jasmin Torres                Chemical Engr.

Fathema Uddin             Biology

Ayat Useinoski              Art

Usaama Van                 Mechanical Engr.

Alana Watt                     Undeclared

Xinyu Xiong                  Computer Science

Bethlehem Yehudah   Biology

Abdul Zahid                  Biomedical Engr.

Adantchede Zannou   Biomedical Engr.

Yuning Zhao                 Art

Zhiying Zhu                  Biomedical Engr.



High Academic Achievement (Awarded to students with a cumulative GPA of 3.20 - 3.49 and 30+ credits)

Natasha Adams           CUNY Bac.

William Adote               Economics

Eshita Ahmed               Art

Khandakar Ahmed      Civil Engr

Mohammed Ahnaf       Env. Engr.

Naeema Akhter            Childhood Edu.

Christina Alexis            Psychology

Nahla Ali                        Civil Engr.

Daniel Pajaro                Civil Engr.

Lucresa Anderson       Childhood Edu.

Ferdinand Anumba      Biology

Abiola Arthur                 CUNY Bac.

Mojgan Asadi                Chemistry

Carme Azor                   Architecture

Cheikh Babou               Biomedical Engr.

Jessenia Baez               Pol. Sc.

Cadian Binns                 Psychology

Synnamon Brown         Art

McKenzie Callahan     Communications

Hawa Camara               Biomedical Engr.

Mariah Cameron           Int'l Studies

Zaquaesha Carter        Childhood Edu.

Amanda Cruz                Psychology

Karolina Czerwinska    Mech. Engr.

Alicia Davis                    Psychology

Niscayry Dejesus          English

Kervy Delcy                    Music

David Derteano             Rom. Lang.

Wilka Diaz                      CUNY Bac.

Melanie Doom               Psychology

Roua Eltayeib                Biology

Maria Estrada                 INTLS

Fahmida Ferdousi         Biomedical Engr.

Chen Gao                       Mechanical Engr.

Mayra Gonzalez            Bilingual Childhd Educ.

Tennessis Guerrero      Pol. Sc.

Elka Guitia                      English

Hawa Gumaneh            Psychology

Enyyella Gutierrez        English

Christian Hernandez    English

Diana Herra                   Pol. Sc.

Mohammad Hijazi        Computer Engr.

Yu Xuan Huang            Computer Science

Javharhon Islomov       Undeclared

Samuel Joa                    Art

Salema Khan                 Biomedical Engr.

Reiyn Lin                        Psychology

Soarlyn Lopez               Psychology

Helen Lu                         Psychology

Katherine Sanabria      Art

Kiara Mata                     Psychology

Amel Messiheddine     Biology

Genesis Michel             Biology

Mecca Mitchell              Childhood Edu.

Nermin Mostafa            Undeclared

Nourhan Mostafa         Undeclared

Aqib Muneer                 Biology

Dewey Nguyen             MGMTA

Erin O'Donovan            Psychology

Heeseung Park            Computer Science

Paul Patino Maza         Economics

Clara Pena                    Biology

Carlos Peralta              Chemical Engr.

Jasmine Perez             Architecture

Alba Perez                    Romance Lang.

Stephen Persaud         Mechanical Engr.

Albaro Pillco                 Mechanical Engr. Econ.

Alexa Puppo                 Film BFA

Mahfuja Rahman         Biology

Syed Rizvi                     Biomedical Engr.

Marlene Rodriguez     Physician's Asst

Mildred Rozario           Economics

Jeannen Santos          Biology

Tazrina Sara                Psychology

Elena Soktoeva          Int'l Studies

Eric Stewart                 English

Koudedji Sylla            English

Naa-Afi Tackie            Psychology

Esa Tareb                   Undeclared

Yarlenny Taveras       Psychology

Renee Thomas          Architecture

Kristen Tomaino         Childhood Edu.

Melissa Torres            Chemical Engr.

Jeannette Torres        Psychology

Julio Urgiles Ortiz      Area St.

Franlys Vasquez        Architecture

Michelle Wu                Biology

Mateen Yousaf           Civil Engr.

Selina Zaman             Biochemistry



Academic Resource Center Tutoring Award

William Adote III

Kaisa Ajaye

Mojgan Asadi

Hawa Camara

Christina Castro

Jackson Chen

Mariya Considine

Khadeeja Din

Farhanmadar Diwan

Matthew Gahler

Yu Xuan Huang

Matthew Rosario

Julia Saccamano

Mahmoud Soliman

Naomi Sukram

Zunxu Tian

Usaama Van

Mildred Vil

Xinyu Xiong

Ayesha Khan

Tasnim Jackson

Jiahua Li

Bassit Malam

Sarhadjine Malvoisin

Kujtime Muzhaku

Nashra Fatima Naushad

Berlinda Owusu

Anisia Peters

Selina Zaman

Adantchede Zannou


Special Service Award 

Shalman Ahmed

Mariah Cameron

Mariya Considine

Sean Charleswell

Ramatoulaye Diallo

Rony Espinal

Rahana Fardous

Ingrid Florrentino

Linwood Fitts

Ashly Guzman

Gardoy Jean-Charles

Jun Izumi

Chantelle Levy

Jiahua Li

John Ludlow

Matt Martinez

Kujtime Muzhaku

Fathima Nashra Nauashad

Berlinda Owusu

Michael Reid

Angela Rodriguez De Jesus

Hector Rodriguez

Mildred Rozario

Elena Soktoeva

Briany Taveras

Usaama Van

Confidence Umnewobi

Adantchede Zannou


Dean’s List, Spring 2016 & Fall 2016

Kaisa Ajaye

Atera Alam

Christina Alexis

Lelucksamee Ampawa

Rosey Basant

Yu feng Cao

Hugh Carmichael

Zaquaesha Carter

Lissete Casado

Cristina Cruceta

Niscayry Dejesus

Melanie Doom

Leila Hessam

Brian Hidalgo

Tahmena Hussain

Javharhon Islomov

Justyna Jachyra

Melissa Jimenez

Samuel Joa

Kristina Kalemkeridis

Jaskiran Kaur

Hossain Kazi

Loc Le

Helen Lu

Adiba Mahmud

Shakira Maldonado

Mabel Marte Taveras

Ina Miraka

Keiona Morse

Nermin Mostafa

Nourhan Mostafa

Amber Mujeeb

Fathima Nashra Naushad

Erin O'donovan

Nneoma Okorie

Anyi Oliveras-vizcaino

Paul Patino Maza

Clara Pena

Jasmine Perez

Anisia Peters

Elizama Pons-Montalvo

Rafiul Prodhan

Alondra Ramos

Krystal Ramroop

Syed Rizvi

Marjorie Saavedra

Abdoulaye Sidibe

Rania Tamimi

Esa Tareb

Zulfiyakhon Tashpulatova

Pamela Tenesaca

Julio Urgiles ortiz

Victor Vargas

Alana Watt


2017 Scholars Showcase Presenters

Radwa Ahmed

Mojgan Asadi

Hawa Camara

Mariya Considine

Cristina Cruceta

Rafiat Famosa

Katherine Ferreras

Mayra Gonzalez

Rokshana Hoque

Yu Xuan Huang

Mahnoor Jaura

Ruby Labaran

Shadia Mazumder

Mohammad  Mostafa

Nashra Fathima Naushad

Abhit Pal

Danielle Phillips

Lana Rosas

Zulfiyakhon Tashpulatova

Fathema Uddin

Confidence Umenwobi

Usaama Van

Xinyu Xiong

Adantchede Zannou


CCNY Awards

Colin Powell Fellows

Synnamon Brown     

Mariah Cameron

Wilka Diaz

Kashaf Khatri           

Jeannen Santos

Zhiying Zhu



Kevin C. Gonzales                 

Anisia Peters              

Edward Sarfo


City College Fellows

Ethan Bendau 

Kazi Hossain



Timothy Mcghee               Melon Mays Fellow , William Hallett Greene Award

Noeliz Lee                          NOAA Crest Fellows

Maria Abizeid, Hawa Camara     National Action Council for Minorities in Engr. (NACME) Scholarship

Nuriel Abdyan                   Society of American Military Eng. (SAME) Scholarship

Jasmin Torres                    Nitin Kumar Scholarship

Melissa Torres                   A.X. Schmidt Scholarship

Ruqayah Zuhair                The Irwin & Ruth Fleischner Scholarship

Katherine Ferreras            Frank & Rose Berscia Award I

Candace Campo               Eibschutz Family Scholar

Alicia Davis                         Frances P. Hardesty Award for Excellence in Psychology and Service to the Community

Zunxu Tian                          The Bernard Levine Scholarships in Science and Mathematics

Kaisa Ajaye, Naomi Sukram       Phi Beta Kappa Gamma Chapter

Mayra Gonzalez                 City College Scholars Ambassadors

Ramatoulaye Diallo           Annette Langer Memorial Scholarship



Awards for 2015-16

Colin Powell School for Civic and Global Leadership

Nada Gamea                                      Community Engagement Fellow       

Grace Olagunju                                  Partners for Change Fellow                                               

Nina Tinikashvili                                 Partners for Change Fellow

Babatunde Alade                               Mark and Estelle Clements Scholarship Magna Cum Laude, BA-MA (June


Anika Islam                                          Ward Medal in Political Science

Gregory Cortorreal                             Ward Medal for Excellence in Sociology, Summa Cum Laude, BA (June 2016)

Jose Rodriguez                                  Marshall Berman Award in Political Science

Joel Engelman                                   Gardner Murphy Award for Exceptional Merit in Psychology, Summa Cum


Jessica Sinchi                                     Magna Cum Laude (June 2016)

Nisreen Osseili                                   Magna Cum Laude BA (June 2016)

Xianfu Zhang                                      Magna Cum Laude BS (June 2016)

Sara Seweid                                       Magna Cum Laude BA (February 2016)

Anika Islam                                         Summa Cum Laude BA (June 2016)

Ivana Lazaroska                                Magna Cum Laude BS (June 2016)

Zhang, Xuxing                                    Cum laude (June 2016)

Marc Morales                                     Cum Laude (June 2016)

Salome Gvinianidze                         Cum Laude (February 2016)

Maria Estrada                                    Cum Laude (June 2016)

Arlene Verapen                                 Cum Laude (June 2016)

Michael Cruz                                      Cum Laude (September 2015)

Gurpreet Singh                                  Cum Laude (June 2016)

Yanixa Malca                                     Cum Laude (June 2016)

Crispin Jackson                                Cum Laude (June 2016)

Mildred Vil                                          Cum Laude BS (June 2016)

Nancy Guachichulca                       Cum Laude BS (June 2016)


CCAPP and Division of Science Awards

Mayra Gonzalez                                 Aunt Ethel Scholarship,Chi-Upsilon Sigma,

                                                               National Latin Sorority External Leadership, 

                                                              Study Abroad Presidential Scholarship,

                                                              1st Place CSTEP Statewide Research Competition

Latisha Eligio                                      Science/SSSP Award, Cum Laude

Malek Ayoub                                       Albert & Frances Hochman Scholarship Award, Magna Cum Laude

                                                              (June 2016)

Ajay Nampiaparamil                          The Arthur G. Levy Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude (June 2016)

Vanessa Bedoya                                 Magna Cum Laude, BS (June 2016)

Daler Aminov                                       Magna Cum Laude, BS (June 2016)

Lilia Sanchez Cruz                             Magna Cum Laude, BS (June 2016)

Jenny Moldanado                               Magna Cum Laude (June 2016)

Jose L. Hernandez Rodriguez         Summa Cum Laude (June 2016)

Zunxu Tian                                           Bernard B. Levine Scholarship, Summa Cum Laude, BS (June 2016)

Eseosa Aiwerioghene                       Bernard H Weltman Scholarship, Frank and Rose Bresca Award II, 

                                                               Magna Cum Laude

Katherine Ferreras                              Caroline Tobia Holloway Award

Elizama Pons-Montalvo                     Jeffrey Steiner Award for Undergraduate Research

Zhu Zhiying                                           Honorary Zemansky Introductory Physics Prize

Olumide Adeyekun                             Cum Laude, BS (June 2016)

Joy Adeyeye                                         Cum laude (June 2016)

Jasmine Coleman                               Cum Laude (June 2016)

Grace Olagunja                                   Cum Laude (June 2016)

Anju Panth                                            Cum laude (February 2016)


College of Liberal Arts and Science

Keevin Brown                                       Highest Black Studies Major Award, Black Studies Program (February 2016)

Bilha Njuguna                                      The Allen Isaacman Prize in African Studies

Rebecca Wellington                            Magna Cum Laude (June 2016)

Yanixa R. Malca                                   Cum Laude (June 2016)

Slanghely Y. Raffo                               Cum laude

Antigua Rosario                                   Cum Laude


Grove School of Engineering

Percy Theodore Casani                     Cum Laude (February 2016)

Bryan Ramo                                         Magna Cum Laude, Environmental Engineering (February 2016)

Maria Abizeid                                       National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME),

                                                               Chemical Engineering, Cum Laude (June, 2016)

Hugh Carmichael                               GSOE/SSSP Engineering Award, Electrical Engineering (June 2016)

Raza Alyas                                           GSOE/SSSP Award, Biomedical Engineering, BE ( June 2016)

Noelize Lee                                          NOAA-CREST Fellowship, Earth Science environmental Engineering

                                                               BE (June 2016)

Bernice Oseguera                               NOAA-CREST Fellowship, Earth Science environmental Engineering

                                                               BE (June 2016)

Jannatul Ferdaous                             George and Mary Di Iorio memorial Prize, Chemical Engineering,

                                                               Magna Cum Laude (June 2016)