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Student Support Services Program (SSSP)


SSSP E-Tutoring is on hiatus until the fall 2018 semester.  Thank you for your patronage, and have a wonderful summer.


We provide online writing feedback to SSSP students.  Once the service is activated for the semester, we accept writing submissions via email 24/7.  Whenever the service is active, you will find the link to submit your papers through our webform here.  One of our experienced e-tutors will review the submission and return it with feedback within 72 hours. 

NOTE: If you are not an SSSP student, or if your submission's webform is incomplete, your draft will not be reviewed.  At the discretion of the site supervisor, drafts longer than 12 pages may be broken up into two submissions to be reviewed consecutively.   

Our tutors respond to both the content and the mechanics of the draft with a summary response, marginal comments and links to outside resources.  Please note, however, that this is not an editing or proofreading service and you should not expect your draft to be corrected by the e-tutor.  By offering recommendations, our goal is to empower you to improve the draft yourself.