Frequently Asked Questions


General Questions:


What are the eligibility requirements for students to join SSSP?

SSSP students must be U.S. citizens or legal residents.  Students among the first generation in their families to attend college in America, low-income students, and students with disabilities are all encouraged to apply. Students enrolled in the SEEK program are not eligible to join SSSP.


How can I apply for SSSP?

You must fill out an online application.


How do I know if I have been accepted into the program?

Upon acceptance into the program, you will be contacted via Citymail and phone within 48 hours.


Will the use of SSSP’s services prevent me from using other support services on campus? 

No.  Our services simply add to your existing support network.  SSSP counselors reinforce but do not replace your divisional and departmental advisors.  Our tutoring may coincide with any other tutoring you receive.


What sets SSSP apart from other support services on campus?

Comprehensive services and individual attention set us apart.  SSSP involves itself in academic decisions, financial aid issues, tutoring, engagement activities, professional development and more.  Also, because we serve only 4% of the student body, we can give more attention to each person. 


Besides tutoring and counseling, what else does SSSP offer?

Informational workshops, two exclusive computer labs,  annual events, which include the Cultural Diversity Celebration, the Scholar’s Showcase, and the end-of-the-year Awards Reception.


If I have not been assigned an SSSP counselor, can I still receive tutoring and other SSSP services?

If you are a member of the program, you have been assigned a counselor.  Consult the main office (NAC 6/148, (212) 650-6825) to confirm your counselor’s name and contact information. 





May I choose my SSSP counselor?

The program director assigns a counselor who will then assist you for the duration of your college enrollment.


How often must I meet with my counselor?

There is no set limit but we advise you to meet regularly throughout the college year. Your counselor will also keep you informed of upcoming workshops, program activities and campus opportunities.


How do I get in touch with my counselor?

You can arrange an appointment via email request or phone.  The Advisortrac appointment system allows you to check your counselor’s availability or make appointments.  


How do I prepare for a session?
Plan your questions ahead and become familiar with Degree Works so that you have an independent grasp of where you are with your college program. Together, you and your counselor can review your plan of action.


What other help can I receive from my counselor?

Counselors can provide recommendation letters, tutoring referrals, connections to campus resources and assist you with your academic or professional plans. They are available to help you transition from semester to semester.





Where does SSSP’s tutoring service take place?

At the Academic Resource Center—an exclusive study space that includes a computer lab and reference library—in Marshak Hall, Room 1104.


How should I apply for tutoring at SSSP’s Academic Resource Center?

You should fill out ARC’s webform on the SSSP Tutoring website.  Within five class days after receiving both the referral and the webform, the ARC Coordinator will contact your Citymail account to confirm your appointment or explore your options. 


What subjects do ARC tutors cover?

We cover a wide range of subjects across the disciplines, from STEM fields to the social sciences to the humanities.  We also offer writing tutoring, both in-person and online via our E-Tutoring service.


How can I customize my tutoring program?

On your tutoring form you can indicate whether you prefer to meet once, every week, or every other week with your tutor.  You should also communicate with your tutor about the kind of help you need most (review, practice, research, revision advice), and bring specific concerns to each tutoring session.  Availability permitting, you can also request a tutor with whom you have worked before.  Both group session and one-on-one tutoring formats are available.


Can I receive tutoring in more than one subject?

Yes.  You may request weekly tutoring in up to three courses at once.  The courses listed “1,” “2” and “3” on your tutoring request form are considered your first, second and third priorities.  While the coordinator aspires to meet all requests, the high demand for tutors can make it impossible to grant third-priority requests, especially during the fall semester.


How many hours of tutoring may I receive per week?

Because of demand, our usual maximum is one 50-minute session per class, per week.  Under special circumstances, sessions may be extended or offered twice per week.


Will I have the same tutor all semester?

Yes, unless you request to change tutors.  


Who assigns me a tutor or a tutoring program?

Unless you request a tutor by name, all tutoring assignments are decided by the ARC Coordinator, Tyson Ward ( ).


How will ARC contact me? 

We usually communicate with students through Citymail, so check your account if you are waiting for an appointment.  You may also call ARC at (212) 650-7055.


Can I lose my tutoring program if I do not attend?

It’s possible, especially during peak times.  Whenever you have missed two appointments in a row without explanation, your tutoring program is at risk.  You should email the ARC coordinator when you must miss an appointment and offer a reason for your absence.  The coordinator will not cancel a program without first trying to contact the absentee student. 


Can I receive tutoring outside of ARC’s scheduled hours?

Yes.  With the approval of the coordinator and the tutor, special arrangements can be made.


Can I use the Academic Resource Center without a tutoring appointment

Yes.  While drop-in tutoring is rarely available, you can always use ARC as a study hall, computer lab or reference library.  We have a selection of textbooks, and academic software such as MatLab, IBM SPSS Statistics and Hawks (for math practice) is also available.


Can I receive help avoiding plagiarism and using research sources responsibly?

Yes. Request a writing tutor, specifying the citation format (MLA, APA, CSE, etc.) you are using, and he/she can discuss the proper use of sources with you.  Revision help of this kind can also be requested via E-tutoring.  In addition, a workshop in the responsible use of research sources may be offered upon request.  Writing handbooks are also available.


What other workshops are available at ARC?

Upon request, we offer workshop sessions on time management, study habits, managing test anxiety, thesis development and personal statements.  Inquire with the ARC coordinator to find out about any special topics workshops available this semester.