Freshman Year

Lower Freshman 0-14.9 credits | Upper Freshman 15-29.9 credits


SSSP Counselor / College Advisor Visit

Assess your personal, academic & professional plans. Draft a four-year academic program plan, select General Ed. Curriculum electives to fit goals and degree requirements. Review core checklists online and program descriptions in the academic bulletin. In addition, talk to your counselor about school services and opportunities that are right for you. As an entering student, please check in the CCNY Advising website for recommendations for first year students.

Establish a Schedule

Plan a weekly schedule: club & advisor meetings, due dates, study times, homework, study reviews, classes, exams, work, family and downtime. Set realistic expectations. Adjust the schedule if unmanageable. Work ahead of your due dates in terms of draft preparation and establish sturdy study habits.

ARC’s Tutoring & Online Services, Marshak 1104

Tutors are available to review course material and written work. Experienced tutors explain course material, review chapters, practice test questions and answer questions about assignments or homework. Ask your SSSP counselor to initiate a referral for you. Use our online writing service; submit a draft to Start a study group and use ARC or the library as a meeting place.

Set Grade Goals

Academic performance is a top priority. A strong GPA opens doors to scholarships, elite programs, internships, college employment, and future professional studies. Seek advice on how to prioritize and plan for a strong GPA. Every course will assess a different strength, skill or ability so never assume results, work for them. Seek help from an advisor in a timely fashion if you struggle with school on any level.

Get Engaged

Network with faculty, alumni and program heads to stay in touch with jobs, internships or scholarship opportunities. Join school clubs, attend school events, join the gym, make use of the game area, library, study rooms, tutoring centers and computer labs. Be part of the college and initiate a leadership role on campus. Office of Student Life and Leadership Development (OSLLD):

SSSP Workshops

Secure SSSP Grant Aid membership points. Attend SSSP’s Thursday workshops for academic program planning, choosing a major, navigating financial aid, use of career services at CDPI, navigating Degree Works and CUNYFirst, The Study Abroad Program, Professional Programs, and Volunteer services.

Stay Informed

Monitor your academic progress with Degree Works. Use CCNY’s academic Bulletin

to review elective courses. Visit the financial aid counselor to ensure loans, aid or FWS awards. Meet with your professor and your SSSP counselor for a midterm check on your academic progress. Deal with any academic distress so you can make timely decisions. It is important to safeguard your GPA. If you are struggling with classwork, speak to a counselor immediately.

CPDI - Career Development Professional Institute NA 1/116

Career Services provide job search, internship and resume assistance. Attend their workshops,      major jamboree and receive personal professional counseling. Register online at Once you register, you will take their online training sessions.    CPDI works with various companies to provide you with internship opportunities.

CUNY Opportunities / Internships / Jobs

Visit CUNY’s Job and Internship website at jobs/ for info. on CUNY’s Service Corps, CUNY 311, CUNY / NYCHA Call Center Project, Poll Worker Initiative, and CUNY Job postings.

Explore Scholarships

CCNY’s Scholarship Program offers merit scholarships. In some cases, financial need is an additional requirement. Review the scholarships and apply when you are eligible.

Get Employed

Network to find out about campus job openings. Visit  Shepard  Hall  53  to find out more about Student Employment or call 212-650-6065. Meet with a financial aid counselor to see if you qualify for Federal Work Study (FWS)

Study Abroad Program

Save money to travel. Visit CCNY’s Study abroad office in NA 5/216 to learn about work or study abroad opportunities as support funding is available to students. Plan ahead for the program of your choice and apply early. Adjust your program plan to leave time for study abroad opportunities.

End-of-Term, Next Steps

Re-affirm your program plan, goals and assess your previous semester’s academic progress. If you struggled with morning classes, don’t repeat this type of program. Know your struggles and plan accordingly. Meet with your advisors to clarify the next steps. Register as soon as possible and meet with your financial advisor to secure your aid, loans or scholarship money.

Attend Capstone Events

Soak in the energy and the inspiration of SSSP awards and recognition events in the spring. Attend SSSP’s cultural festival program in the fall. Be inspired by peer scholars. Aim higher with each new semester.

Visit an SSSP Counselor / Program Advisor

Speak to your advisors about your choice of major, second major or choice of minor. Revisit your professional goals with your advisor. Commit to a program of study that will produce the best results for success. This is the time to confront doubts and commit to realistic challenges. Find time to discuss your choice of program and your next set of college challenges. Take on the new semester with gusto.