Grants and Scholarships


The generosity of the the Charlotte and Arthur Zitrin('38) Foundation enables us to award the Zitrin Scholar Peer Mentor-Tutor Award of $5,000 to four SSSP students each year and the Zitrin Mentor-Tutor Award of $500 to five students per term. During the term of their awards, Zitrin Scholars serve as tutors and mentors, providing essential academic support and guidance to their peers. Zitrin Scholars also serve in leadership roles within the SSSP and City College communities.

"As Zitrins our primary tasks were to tutor and mentor students. We shared our knowledge with the students but we also learned from them. We took cues from their motivation their " never give up attitude" and their determination to succeed. We were excited when they did great in their courses and just as sad when the opposite happened. We are honored to have played a a role in helping them achieve their academic goals. Coming into college we never thought of ourselves as teachers and mentors, because we had our own workload and responsibilities. However we rose to the occason as soon as we were given the opportunity and for this we are ever grateful. Thank you Dr. Zitrin, who turned 100 a few days ago, for his endowment. I personally admire his life, and how he is changing lives, of which I am an example. Thank you to the director, advisors and the administrative staff at SSSP. And lastly thank you to every student that any of us have tutored while we were Zitrins"....Edward Sarfo (class of '18), NIH Fellow.

The applications for 2019-2020 awards will be available in Spring 2019. Eligibility criteria are listed below for those planning to apply. 

  • Matriculated, full-time Student Support Services student
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.2 and a GPA of at least 3.0 for the past two semesters . Zitrin Mentors must have a GPA of at least 2.8.
  • Completed at least 61 credits and declared a major


Academic Year 2019-20

Grant Aid in amounts up to $700 is available to eligible SSSP students with unmet financial need. SSSP students should contact their counselors for more information about Grant Aid. Eligibility criteria are listed below. 

  • Matriculated, full-time Student Support Services student
  • Cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5
  • Must attend three SSSP workshops
  • MUST receive PELL Financial Aid
  • Must have an Unmet financial need
  • Must be enrolled in CPDI (Career Professional Development Institute,  NAC Room1/116)
  • Should have met with an SSSP advisor and/or registered for Tutoring in the ARC Tutoring Center