Junior Year

Lower Junior 60-74.9 credits | Upper Junior 75-89.9 credits

Visit a SSSP Counselor / Program Advisor

Speak to your advisors about a second major or choice of a minor. Revisit your professional goals with your advisor and commit to a program of study that will produce the best results for success. Clarify the language, writing, and general electives requirements to complete your degree.

Work with Your Schedule

Plan a manageable schedule. Be realistic about what you can accomplish in a given semester. Set smaller weekly study goals and larger goals. Don’t leave homework for the last minute. Make more time for school but reward yourself for academic efforts. Invest in your academics for the next four years with a strong foundation of mind and body.

ARC Tutoring & Online Services Marshak 1104

Make use of tutoring services at CCNY. Visit your SSSP counselor for a referral. Attend  SSSP’s Academic Resource Center (ARC) in Marshak 1104. ARC is open Monday to Friday. Take advantage of SSSP’s 24/7 draft review service for your composition needs.

Increase Your Leadership Profile

Speak to your SSSP counselor about Pell Grant Aid. You will need to submit your SSSP membership points-list to qualify. Increase your leadership roles on campus. Become a club committee member or join a research group. Take on roles of responsibility on campus. Get involved in research internships, work with others, and revisit your resume to determine what aspects of your resume are weak or lacking. This is the time to make up what you lack in experience, confidence, and research opportunities. Find out about events, seminars, and workshops that fit your academic aspirations. Apply to be a tutor at SSSP.

Seek out your Major Advisor

Visit your major advisor to sign off on your major sheet,  confirm that you have,  or will,  meet all requirements for your major by your last semester. It is important to gather experience along with theory. Talk to your advisor about research, internship or fieldwork opportunities. Ask your advisor about e-permit courses. Check the CCNY Advising website for important information for Juniors. https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/advising/junior-year

Seek out Departmental Degree Auditor

Your degree documents should be housed in the department of your major for a final audit check. Submit a major check, review your completion of the general education requirements, and ascertain whether you have met all degree rules as outlined in the requirements of your major. It is important that all your documentation is approved, signed and stored in your department reviewer’s folder before you file for graduation.

Stay Engaged

Secure your leadership profile with job experience, internship, and scholarship opportunities. Increase your activities with student clubs and participate in campus events. Be part of SSSP’s March Scholar Showcase or December Cultural festival. Commit to a Study Abroad Program and review the application process. Become part of a research group, study group or cultural group. Commit to new opportunities that widen your activities on campus. Attend SSSP workshops or start your own workshop. Stay proactive. It is time to embrace your campus roles.

Independent Check-UP

Monitor your academic progress with Degree Works. Use CCNY’s Bulletin academic guide to major and minor elective courses. Visit the financial aid counselor to ensure loans, aid or FWS awards. Meet with your professor for a midterm check on your academic progress. Deal with any academic distress so you can make timely decisions. It is important to safeguard your GPA. If you are struggling with classwork, speak to a counselor immediately.

Up the Level

Commit to your academic and professional goals. Seek out internships, resume reviews,  research work and job opportunities that relate to these goals. Take advantage of the CCNY’s Scholarship Go to www.ccny.cuny.edu/admissions/scholarships-awards.cfm.

Graduate School

Make plans for graduate schools: sign up for prep. classes or extra tutoring. Ask at ARC    about GRE tutoring sessions. Discuss plans for graduate school and life after college with your advisor. Research college programs and prepare your admissions statement. Be prepared to reach out to admissions counselors or visit the college. It is important to find the program with the right funding package for you. Graduate school is as much of a lifestyle choice as it is a professional and academic one.

Contact CPDI (Jobs and Internships)

CCNY’s Career Development Professional Institute is located in NA 1/116. Make a special point of returning to your career representative to discuss job and internship opportunities. This is a vulnerable time for the senior student. What happens next? What should you do with your new freedom? If you are not pursuing graduate school, perhaps you want to jump into a work experience? This will ease you into the next stage of your adult life. It may be time to refresh your resume with new career goals in mind.

Attend Capstone Events

Soak in the energy and the inspiration of SSSP awards and recognition events in the spring. Attend SSSP’s cultural festival program in the fall. Be inspired by peer scholars. This is a path that you could follow in the years to come.

Set New Goals

Set new challenges for yourself.  It is an exciting time to plan new projects and think about what you want next in life. Start a vision board or gather your friends together and charge forward with new goals.