Senior Year


                          Senior Year                          

Lower Senior 75-89.9 credits | Upper Senior 105-120+ credits


Perform an Independent Check

Review your progress of your major on Degree Works before taking steps to register for courses. This is the time to ensure that all paperwork is in order to facilitate graduation. It is important to clear-up any stops on your transcript. These stops may represent a library fine, advisor stop or departmental stop and must be addressed. Discuss any queries you may have with your advisors.

Seek out your SSSP Counselor / Major Advisor

As this is your last semester, a full graduation check is needed before you file for graduation. Visit your SSSP counselor to review your completed degree program. This is an important procedure so don’t delay it. Your major advisor will need to sign off on your major sheet, confirming that you have, or will, meet all requirements for your major by your last semester.

Visit your Departmental Degree Auditor

Your degree documents should be housed in the department of your major for a final audit check. Your advisor will review your completion of the general education requirements, and ascertain whether you have met all degree rules as outlined in the requirements of your degree program. It is important that all your documentation is approved, signed and stored in your department reviewer’s folder before you file for graduation on CUNYfirst.Visit ARC. Check the CCNY Advising website at:

Visit ARC

ARC’s experienced tutors understand the pressures of a final semester. They are available to explain course material, review chapters, practice formulas and answer your questions about writing your course papers. Our online writing service is available for draft reviews. Email your term papers and receive a comprehensive review. Be sure to identify your due date, as this service is in demand.

Contact CPDI (Jobs and Internships)

CCNY’s Career Development Professional Institute is located in  NA 1/116. Make a  special point of returning to your career representative to discuss job and internship opportunities. This is a vulnerable time for the senior student. What happens next? What should you do with your new freedom? If you are not pursuing graduate school, perhaps you want to jump into a work experience? This will ease you into the next stage of your adult life. SSSP is still here for you.

Perform Midterm Review.

Meet with your professor and your SSSP counselor for a midterm check-in regarding your academic progress. You will want to safeguard your grades to prepare the way for graduate school.

Attend Capstone Events.

We hope to see you at all these special events that recognize all your efforts so far. We appreciate the challenges you’ve faced. The many visits to confirm progress and seek advice are an acknowledgment that you are a serious-minded student. Let us celebrate your good work and wish you well.

Apply to Graduate School

If you are planning on extending your studies in pursuit of a graduate degree, you’ll need to compile a list of the due dates, requirements and fees for each prospective school (they vary widely). Some of the most competitive graduate programs will ask for applications by the end of fall semester, and will favor early applicants. Develop your personal statements with the help of an SSSP counselor or the ARC coordinator, customizing each statement for a specific college. You will also need to request letters of recommendation from faculty well in advance of the due dates. Prepare to take entrance exams as appropriate (GRE general test (almost all programs), GRE subject tests, MCAT, LSAT, etc.). Inquire at ARC about graduate school test preparation.

File for Graduation

Establish your official date of graduation. CCNY has three main graduation months: February, June, and September. You will find all the relevant steps and forms to file for graduation on the Registrar’s web site at


Stay Connected

It is good to be in a familiar place because many changes are taking place. Keep attending workshops and events to enrich your final semester. Enjoy the time with SSSP friends. Make the most out of connecting with others. Find out what their plans are and seek new challenges for yourself. Stay connected and get inspired by others. Network with faculty, alumni and program heads to stay in touch with jobs, internships or scholarship opportunities. Participate in campus events that relate to your major.