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STEM Career and Leadership Institute

STEM Career Development Institute

STEM Career and Leadership Institute

STEM CDI will improve the success of CCNY students/graduates in the job market in the STEM disciplines.This will be accomplished by providing experiences and training that will develop skills and competencies necessary for a successful transition to professional life. In addition to career development skills, students will receive training in communication, teamwork and leadership. Participants will be placed in campus leadership positions where they will be able to put this training to use immediately.  Participants are expected to perform between 75 and 100 hours of service in these positions during the first year.


These leadership practicums are designed to give the participants the opportunity to put into practice the leadership, teaching and presentations skills that they will learn in the training sessions.These practicum placements will include:

  • Peer Led Team Learning (PLTL): In the spring 2013 semester the chemistry department piloted a revised CHEM 10000 class.  The new curriculum incorporates many labs/demonstrations to introduce these non-science majors to chemistry.  STEM CDI and CHSC participants will be trained to lead these labs and demonstrations through  PLTL. Each leader participant wil be required to take CHEM 31700 (a 1 credit course) and will lead a section of CHEM 110, CHEM 103/104, or Computer Science.  The cost of this class (if any in incurred by the student) will be covered by the STEM-CDI program.
  • CCNY STEM outreach: The CLI participants will work with staff members from Engineering, the Division of Science and the Department of Collaborative Programs to bring information about STEM fields to area high school and middle school students.Participants will visit area schools and host on campus events designed to encourage young students to become interested in pursuing STEM careers.



Designed to serve as a capstone exercise, the Team Presentation will be an opportunity for students to showcase all that they have learned during the program. A successful presentation will require teamwork, leadership, communication and presentation skills.

In the early fall semester the participants will be formed into teams of three. Each team will be assigned an issue currently challenging the CCNY community.  Each team must research and analyze their issue and propose a solution.  This proposal will be the basis for a group presentation to their peers and a committee of CCNY faculty and administrators.  Final presentations will be made during the spring semester to senior campus administrators.