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STEM Career Development Institute


The reality of summer internships is that many of the best internships are unpaid.  City College knows how important being able to accept an internship is, that we have made it possible for the STEM-CDI to offer a $3500 stipend to any STEM-CDI participant who accepts an unpaid internship.

Requirements for the STEM-CDI Summer Internship Stipend:

  • Must be a STEM-CDI participant completing the junior year program who has completed a mock interview and participated in half of the academic year activities;
  • Internship must be relevant to the participant’s academic work and/or career plans;
  • Internship must be for 30 hours a week for 8 weeks or 240 hours for the summer;
  • Internship must be unpaid;
  • Internship supervisor must be willing to report attendance and performance to STEM-CDI staff;