The City College of New York is undergoing a comprehensive review of its vision and strategic focus in an effort to align its current strategies and initiatives with a modern and dynamic plan for the future. The strategic plan will provide a clear path for activities and initiatives taking place on campus, and is intended to provide a clear outline of objectives for each activity and a unified vision of where CCNY is heading. It will also produce a comprehensive strategy for CCNY to embrace expansion and growth in many different areas in the coming years.

The planning process was developed to be collaborative and inclusive, and to insure meaningful and extensive engagement and involvement of the campus community. A Steering Committee made up of key internal and external College stakeholders was formed to help support CCNY in its plan and vision, and a Senior Leadership Advisory Committee consisting of campus senior leaders was assembled to provide critical guidance and support.

Seven themes have emerged from the planning phase: 

  • Student Success
  • Research, Scholarship, and Creativity
  • New Academic Initiatives
  • Diversity
  • Financial Health
  • Promoting Community
  • Iconic Campus