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Academic Prosperity

Strategic Plan

Academic Prosperity

The Committee began meeting in the spring 2013 semester and  finished their work on Phase 1 "Where are we today?"  This led to much discussion in Phase 2 "Where do we want to be?"  The Committee's work culminated with the Committee Chairs synthesizing each group's work in the form of an internal document which was presented to the campus community.  The Deans met regularly over the summer months (2014) to further distill and vet the emerging themes. 

This Committee was charged to:

  • Help to define CCNY's academic vision
  • Develop a framework for engaging the campus/faculty in an inclusive, collaborative and transparent academic planning process
  • Create a framework for identifying CCNY's greatest strengths and opportunities for academic excellence and prominence
  • Define the context and role of research for CCNY
  • Provide a plan for CCNY to be an institution that is nationally recognized for combining excellence in teaching and advising with high caliber research and scholarship

Committee Members

  • Doris Cintrón / Provost's Office
  • Julio Davalos / Engineering 
  • Eitan Friedman / Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education 
  • Jodi Garner / Development 
  • Ellen Handy / Art, Faculty Senate 
  • Anu Janakiraman / Biology 
  • Mark Kam / Information Technology 
  • Elizabeth Matthews / Center for Worker Education 
  • Jackee Meadow / Student Affairs 
  • Carlos Riobó / Foreign Languages & Literatures 
  • Mitch Schaffler / Engineering 
  • John Siderakis / Human Resources 
  • Ellis Simon / Communications 
  • Ashiwel Undieh / Provost's Office 
  • Yael Wyner / Education