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Student Success

Strategic Plan

Student Success

The Committee began meeting in the spring 2013 semester and  finished their work on Phase 1 "Where are we today?"  This led to much discussion in Phase 2 "Where do we want to be?"  The Committee's work culminated with the Committee Chairs synthesizing each group's work in the form of an internal document which was presented to the campus community.  The Deans met regularly over the summer months (2014) to further distill and vet the emerging themes. The Student Success Committee is focusing on a multifaceted approach for strengthening support of CCNY students and improving student outcomes.  

This Committee was charged to:

  • Develop a process for assessing strengths and weaknesses of existing student services
  • Develop a process for assessing structures and programs designed to facilitate student success
  • Define student success and develop a plan for improving student outcomes
  • Develop a plan for improving retention and graduation rates

Committee Members

  • Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Chair / Provost's Office
  • Anthony Achille / Government and Community Affairs
  • Vernon Ballard / Information Technology
  • Maudette Brownlee / SEEK
  • O'Lanso Gabbidon / Student Affairs
  • William Gibbons / Library
  • Paul Gottlieb / Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education
  • Celia Lloyd / Enrollment
  • Jay Mwamba / Communications
  • Melissa Oden / Humanities
  • Annette Pineda / Development
  • Mark Shattuck / Physics
  • Richard Steinberg / Education, Physics
  • Leon Tachauer / Scheduling
  • Josh Wilner / English, CLAS Faculty Council
  • Ashiwel Undieh / Provost's Office