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CCNY Summer Program in Arabic Language, Rabat Morocco

Study Abroad Programs at City College

CCNY Summer Program in Arabic Language, Rabat Morocco

International Service-Learning Program in Rabat/Salé, Morocco

Summer 2016

Dates: May 29 - July 5, 2016

Credits: 4


***Some knowledge of Arabic or French is preferred.***
This is a Service Learning program in Rabat, Morocco, offered in collaboration with the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning and Thaqafat Association, which cooperates with a number of NGOs offering volunteer projects that focus on children with disabilities, women's rights, education, environment, and health care. Thaqafat's relationship with these NGOs allows it to match applicants' interests and skills to those of a specific NGO project. The ISL course will expose students to Morocco, especially focusing on its cultural, political, and social development. Topics include immigration, democratization, religion, women's and minority rights, cultural diversity, and education.

Morocco is a bridge between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, both physically and culturally. It is a dynamic location as it is experiencing an Islamist awakening, a public recognition of Amazigh (Berber) culture, and a democratic transition within its ancient monarchy. Students should be able to come out of the course with an understanding of Moroccan culture, grasp diverse movements and tensions in the society, and assess what might be learned from Morocco and applied universally.

In the first week of the program, students will study "survival" Arabic in the mornings and work in their internships in the afternoons. Thereafter, they will be fully engaged in their internships. Click here  to see a list of internship placements.

Students will be housed in homestays for part of the time, and in a downtown two-star hotel for the rest of the time. Program costs include field trips. Students are required to obtain travel and health insurance to cover their study abroad.

There will be a pre-departure orientation at City College at the end of the Spring semester, during which a reading list will be made available to students. This will be followed by one or more information sessions, and training sessions as needed. It is important that students attend all the pre-departure sessions. Two written assignments, and a term paper (to be turned in during the Fall semester) will be required in the course. A statement of interest should be included in the application. A program evaluation and de-briefing will be held prior to registration for credits.

Student will register for INTL 31xxx International Service-Learning Seminar during the Summer Session (4 credits).


Important Dates (mandatory meetings):

- Deadline for all Application Materials: Friday, April 29, 2016
- Interview with Study Abroad: TBA
- Pre-Departure Orientation: TBA
- Deadline for payment of Program costs and CUNY - Tuition: TBA


Application Fee: $300

CUNY Tuition: 4 Credits

*Program Fee: TBA

Airfare: $900 - $1,000 (Estimated)


*Program cost includes housing, meals, and field trips. Airfare is not included.