Math 80000

MATH 80000

Math 80000 is a non-credited class that covers Fundamental Algebra and Geometry. Students are required to register for this course based on certain scores in the CCNY Math Placement Test or the recommendation of a departmental advisor. For those attempting to enter into certain programs (STEM, Economics, Business, etc), this course is an essential part of your sequence of classes. The Math 80000 class is free. However, students must pay for the required software.

How do I register for Math 80000?

choose one of the below session and register the class in CUNYfirst

Winter 2020 Math 80000 Schedule



Math 80000 will be conducted remotely. Before the first class, you will be sent an email that includes preliminary information explaining how the course will work, how you will access the course on Blackboard, and how you will use the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra tool. You should make sure you can do this before the first class. You will also learn how to access the Knewton Alta system within Blackboard that you will be primarily using for the course. During your first class, your professor will go over the syllabus and answer any questions you have.

On the CUNY main page, there is a drop-down menu under "login" on the top right. In that drop-down menu, one of the selections is "Blackboard:. Select that. If you are a new user, there is a link you can click on the lower left of the CUNY login page that comes up. Once you have set that up, you log in with the username and password (same as CUNYfirst), and then you will in the Blackboard Account, you may find this link helpful:


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Office of Evaluation and Testing is closed to in-person walk-ins and is now operating remotely.  We are happy to assist you through our Virtual Front Desk. You may click here and speak to a representative.

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