Blackboard and Teaching Online

CETL Guides


These resources are great for brand new instructors as well as instructors who just haven’t taught with CUNY before.


Student-Centered Teaching

Student-centered teaching shifts the focus of instruction for teacher to student, encouraging students to become active participants in learning rather than passive receivers of information.


Student Engagement

The following resources discuss best practices for encouraging student engagement and participation in the classroom.


Effective Group Work

The following resources discuss best practices for creating effective group work both in and out of the classroom. Resources for collaborative instructional technology can be found here.


Student Assessment

The following resources discuss best practices in grading, giving feedback, and different means of assessing student work.


Style Guides

The following resources are free, online style guides for MLA, APA, and Chicago.


Open Educational Resources

Open educational resources are free-to-use resources for teaching, learning and researching.


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