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Self-Paced Blackboard Basics Course

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How To...

Make My Course Available

Course Management > Customization > Properties> Set Availability

making the course avaiable

Customize Blackboard Menus

How to customize Blackboard menus

Add Content (e.g. Syllabus, Readings)

This video covers the basics of adding content to Blackboard. It demonstrates first how to upload a file and an item, and how to edit them once they've been shared to Blackboard. Next, it shows how to share a file from CUNY Dropbox, and share a web link. It then demonstrates how to embed a YouTube video into a Blackboard page. Finally, it covers how to double-check your content using Student Preview Mode.

* All files must be ADA accessible >>learn more...

Create Announcements

Blackboard Announcements

Create an Assignment

Creating Blackboard Assignments

Create and Edit a Quiz

How to customize Blackboard menus

Create a Discussion Board Forum

Creating Discussion Boards in Blackboard

Use the Grade Center

Create Bb Rubrics

Blackboard Rubrics

Take Attendance on Bb

Initiating the tool

Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability > check the radio button next to Attendance > Submit

(this step should be done only once) 

steps to initiate the attendance tool on bb


Using the tool

After the tool has been initiated, go to Control Panel >Tools> Attendance


>>Learn more...

Add a New User to my Bb Course

Add a New User to your Blackboard Course

Merge Course Sections

Merging Course Sections in Blackboard

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