Course Requirements for 5th to 12th Grade Literacy License

Pre-Requisite Courses (3 Cr.)

7600C: Fluent to Experienced Literacy: Balanced literacy instruction for fluent readers and writers from a diversity of cultural and linguistic backgrounds and needs.
15 hrs. fieldwork, 3 credits, 3 hrs. weekly

Foundations of Literacy Courses (19 Cr.)

7610C: Literacy Strategies & Resources Across the Curriculum, 5th-12thGrade
This course emphasizes strategies for teaching 5-12 grade content-area literacy, the use of popular multi-modal young-adult texts, and the negotiation of Regents exams
3 credits, 3 hrs. weekly

1301E: Negotiating Curriculum Standards, Children’s Inquiries, and Appropriate Multicultural Materials
This course emphasizes developing and adapting curricula to support students’ engaged learning.
20 hrs. fieldwork design and implementation, 3 credits, 3 hrs. weekly

2000C: First and Second Language/Dialect and Literacy Acquisition
Current research and applications building on language strength and connecting oral and print literacies.
8 hrs. fieldwork, 3 credits, 3 hrs. wk.

1700G: Home-School Partnerships for Literacy
Theoretical and practical approaches to building equitable home-school partnerships that support children’s literacy development.
8 hrs. fieldwork, 3 credits, 3 hrs. weekly.

2700C: Literacy for Struggling Readers and Writers Creation of high standard literacy instruction for learners struggling with academic tasks.
8 hrs. fieldwork, 3 Cr., 3 hrs..

1400E: Writing for Teachers
Scaffolding professional and academic writing.
8 hrs. fieldwork, 2 credits., 2 hrs. weekly.

1701E: Critical Use of Technology for Literacy Instructors
Examination of relevant technological resources for classroom use.
2 credits, 2 hrs. weekly.

Transformative Literacy Project (9 Cr.)

1501C: Linking Literacy Assessment, Instruction & Learning
Methodologies for reading and writing assessment and subsequent instructional implications
3 credits, 3 hrs. weekly.

1601C: Literacy Inquiry Practicum
One-to-one weekly inquiry-based practicum that ends with a Readers/Writers Café.
18 hrs. practicum, 3 credits, 3 hrs.

1601E: Small-Group Literacy Inquiry Practicum
Support inquiry-based literacy acquisition with small groups of children.
18 hrs. practicum, 3 credits, 3 hrs..

Research Sequence (7 Cr.)

7801C: Beginning Literacy Research Seminar
Introduction to classroom-based research and action research methodology; forming a research question; developing skills in critique and analysis of research.
2 Cr, 2hrs. wk..

7802C: Literacy Research Seminar II
Refinement of action research question and review of literature relevant to this question. Developed articulation of conceptual framework and theoretical framework.
2 credits, 2 hrs. weekly.

7803C: Literacy Research Seminar III
Consolidate research design, finalize literature review. Begin data collection and data analysis.
2 credits, 2 hrs. weekly.

7804C: Literacy Research Seminar IV
Finalize data collection and data analysis. Identify findings and implications. Public presentation of research implications to other educators.
1 credit, 1 hr. weekly.

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