Useful Websites

Professional Organizations  The professional website of the International Reading Association   The professional website for the National Council of teachers of English  This is the professional development arm of the United Federation of Teachers, your teacher’s union in New York City.  This is the website of the New York City Department of Education.  Rethinking the schools offers an excellent “alternative perspective” to many educational issues we must address  The NSTA is the National Science Teachers of America’s professional organization  The NCSS is the National Council of Social Studies Teachers professional website 

Useful curriculum and reference sites  This is a website put together by the IRA, NCTE that is a treasure trove of curriculum resources  The City College library website The United States Government educational resources and research website that includes askeric the largest online database for educational research  A useful online reference desk geared toward educators Still the best online search engine  An excellent collection of  children and student oriented search engines  The website of the American Library Association  The Ask Jeeves website is a search engine that tries to respond to your questionsChildren’s Literature Websites  A children's literature website organized by the Education Department of the University of Wisconsin that is simply the best place to go to find great children's literature organized around any topic  A digital library of Children’s literature  A web project of the Southern Poverty Law Center this site “fights racism and promotes tolerance”  This is a website devoted to the work of Lewis Carroll  A fascinating website devoted to the life and work of Paul Robeson

Government websites  The website for the U.S. Office of Education  The U.S. government website that advocates for and gives updates on the No Child Left Behind legislation   The Website for Education Week , a weekly newspaper that reports on recent issues in education