Zahn Associates and Catalysts

Our Zahn Catalyst and Zahn Associate programs celebrate community members who take a leading role in helping to bring innovation and entrepreneurship activity in the classroom.

Meet Our Associates

Zahn Associates approach other faculty and staff for academic support for these efforts, mentor student entrepreneurs, and/or run workshops and trainings in relevant subject areas. Zahn Associates dedicate a minimum of 2-3 hours/week to support startups at City College or other innovation-related activities on campus. Associates value the entrepreneurial skillset as a learning outcome and seek opportunities to provide broad support for culture shifts that support such education as part of the City College experience.

Peyman Honarmandi

Peyman Honarmandi

Mechanical Engineering Lecturer

Mentors startups in our incubator and prepares them for our competitions.

Karen Langsam

Karen Langsam

Applied Psychology Faculty

Leads integrated marketing bootcamps. Her students work with our startups as marketing consultants.

Celia Lloyd

Celia Lloyd

Asst. Vice President for CUNYFirst

Works intimately within our internship program.

Glen Patterson

Glen Patterson

Economics and Business Lecturer

Advises the Entrepreneurship Student Club.

Meet Our Catalysts

Catalysts invest 2-3 hours/month encouraging students to attend Zahn public events (through incentives like extra credit) or host Zahn-affiliated programming in the classroom, like idea generation sessions or prototyping workshops. Catalysts value the entrepreneurial skillset as a learning outcome and seek opportunities to provide contextualized education for their students.

Lynn Appelbaum

Nancy Tag

Ali Sadegh

Maria Binz Scharf

Anasa Scott

Kevin Foster

Michael Grossberg

Ahmed Mohamed

Ed Baurin

Mark Mussell

Natalia Trujillo

Umit Uyar

Sihong Wang

Gerardo Blumenkrantz

Akira Kawaguchi

Luis Hernandez

Michael Busch