Recommended Courses for Cohort 12 TESOL Fellows

The following sequence of courses is recommended for Cohort 12 TESOL fellows who wish to complete the program in two years. This is a suggestion only. Many fellows will follow a different path through the course of study, and many will require more than two years to complete the program.

Cohort 12 TESOL Fellows completed EDCE 5201C and EDCE 6603C during their pre-service summer, and have been recommended to take just one course, EDCE 5400C, during their first semester (Fall 2006). Where possible, schedules will be arranged to allow students to take two courses on a single night during the school year. Please note that this sequence does not include any additional language or liberal arts pre-requisites that may also be required; one additional elective course is also required. All courses have the prefix EDCE:

Table of recommended courses for cohort 12 TESOL Fellows